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A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners Of PPC

How people search and put it in context of your advertising efforts so that as you make decisions about how you're reaching users you can make sure that it's the correct decision based on how people, 

A tutorial for psychology Of PPC

Search people do not use search engines to browse the web people use search engines to find answers to their questions throughout this lesson i'll describe how search advertising steps, 

Away from gimmicky advertising and instead helps users answer their questions use a psychology of search to your advantage by helping users find answers especially when that answer, 

Results in an order for your product in this video you will learn to describe how people use search engines to find answers explain how ads help users answer their questions list situations, 

When advertisers should refine their targeting explain how an advertiser's relationship with the searcher differs from an advertiser's relationship with a search engine and express why search, 

Advertising functions as informational advertising so we look at users overall we do not use search for is to browse the web that your social media or newsreaders are for so we really use, 

Search for is to learn the answer to a question there's something you don't know and you want to know it that's when you turn to a search engine now people though we just don't think in words so, 

We have to type words into a search engine as users we think in concepts there's a few steps that you unconsciously go through before you ever start searching so the first thing is you have this concept of something you, 

Want to know and then you've got to take that concept and translate it into actual words this list leads to a lot of unique queries out there on the web in fact one of those fascinating numbers, 

You'll ever hear is that while google processes six billion search queries a day twenty percent of them have not been done ever before or at least six months of time so there's a lot of unique users we're trying to, 

Reach with search so it was a user every time you do something you have an expectation of results something you expect to see so when you put in a search query and you look at the results, 

If they're not what you expected to see you're going to refine your search query before you ever click on something we do some action we have an expectation of what's going to happen afterwards so you, 

Type in words in a cert tension you have an expectation of what that page is going to look like what the ads organic listings are going to be now if you look, 

At the page that's what i was expecting to see this looks like the concept and the answer that i'm looking to get more information about then you're going to really start digging into the listings,

And look at the ads and see which one can probably answer your question now that's the searcher from the advertiser perspective this is often your first, 

Brand interaction with someone this is your chance to say hey look at us look at what our offer is come to our site we can give you the answer which is an advertiser takes that searcher and makes, 

Them a customer so if someone looks at your ad says i think you can answer my question they're going to click on your ad and go to your landing page now this is industry jargon landing page is the first page of your site someone sees after clicking on an ad know when this, 

Landing page tells a user this is how you get the answer or this is the answer itself that's when you get customers so for instance it's a buying guide how to buy a new plasma tv just put the information on the page but the query, 

Maybe i want to buy this specific tv and therefore the actual action that occurs is the process of buying it or they have to call you up on the phone to get the answer this goes to your goals as an advertiser overall but when you look at, 

Your landing page and ensure that the message you put on the page answers the users question or tells them how to get the answer when you get better conversions from your search efforts and so it's important to note that search marketing, 

Is not interrupted marketing if you're watching television use watching some show and you're enjoying the show and then a commercial comes on and all of a sudden it interrupts which you're doing and so you may fast forward through the, 

Commercial you may flip channels that's an eruptive with search someone's actively looking for an answer they're trying to find information and so as a marketer when you treat search as a, 

Channel of answering questions and as you answer questions you get customers for it that's when search marketing is really powerful now there's a lot of times though you don't want to answer,

The question right this gets to refining your audience so for instance there's certain words so may search for that doesn't really describe your product where you may have certain users you, 

Don't want to show ads to because you don't ship to the area we don't service a specific area you may see that your conversion rates are great on desktops but not on mobile you might exclude, 

Mobile users or maybe you only answer your business phone from nine to five you don't want people to click on your ads at midnight so our times then that, 

You can refine your targeting and decide not to answer questions because it's not a great time for you and so when you think about it your ad tells the searcher you can answer it if that's the, 

Goal so this dictates then what you should put in your ad it also lets you know what you should pay so by looking at how often your ad is clicked how often someone becomes a customer user analytics you can decide then how much, 

You want to pay for those clicks a nice cyclical process so as you're doing search marketing and you're riding your ads with your analytics you have to direct people with certain pages on your, 

Site so you should always look at what page can answer the question this isn't often the homepage if someone searching for e-commerce product you want to use the product page they're searching for, 

How to get the cheapest insurance in chicago you want to use a chicago insurance page and so look at the keywords look at the ads pick a page that meets that expectation that increases conversions now if you don't, 

Have a page like this you may need to create some pages to ensure you're always relevant to the user and then once you have this data in place you've got your keywords you've got your ads, 

You've got your landing pages you will get customers so then paid search gives you so much data you have to track conversions when people become customers when they're calling you filling out, 

Your forms contacting your business buying a product subscribing to emails whatever your goals are and i've been tracking those conversions you can look back all the way to the getting the, 

Process the keywords someone used their search queries in an engine and decide what words are useful what ads are best for you so that you look at the whole search process of how someone searching, 

And then bidding appropriately or deciding up to bid at all based upon these metrics and so when you start advertising you're going to realize a few things you have your goals as a, 

Marketer a searcher has their set of goals and the search engine has their set of goals and so thinking of this alignment is important between where you align goals versus just follow policies, 

So for instance a search results starts because someone did a search right that initiate the entire search result page now you consider a search engine their, 

Goal is to make sure this person has such a good experience they want to search again the goal isn't yours their goal is the best results possible so it's a repeat searcher now as a marketer of course your goal is conversions you, 

Want to put a relevant offer in front of that searcher so they become a customer different goals now the the actual search the person who started this,

Process they don't care what your goal is they don't care the search engines ago they're saying who's going to answer my question and so we think about this you need to align your goals with the searcher there are the ones at the, 

End of the day convert and become your customer but the engines dictate how this ecosystem works so you have to play with in the policies the search engines things we'll talk about throughout the, 

Video series and make sure you're in their policies but from a goal alignment standpoint if you can make the search you're happy they become customers this, 

Fits in with why you're advertising in the first place to increase revenues and get customers now we look at search and we look at overall activities online the most common activity is usually email or some sort of social communication number, 

Two is usually search most of the others are there transactional or informational so for instance common activities are getting weather information getting hobby information this is information retrieval activities over the past 20, 

Years we've turned from looking at yellow pages and trade magazines using search and so by looking at where people are getting relevant content you can, 

Decide how you want to use search then as your advertising vehicle but there's someone looking for hobby information and maybe it's gardening the most common hobby in the us and therefore you put, 

Out information about how to start a garden and you can monetize even those information queries to a plot of transactional courage with someone is actively trying to buy a product so, 

We're looking at how people are searching what they're doing online and then how you fit into the entire ecosystem you can advertise users through a lot of different activities they're doing online now one of the most, 

Important concepts to think to keep in mind as you're advertising the search is that advertising is not advertising when it's information so for instance as people will really resistant to ads we don't want someone to tell us what to do, 

All the time however that's often interruptive based advertising with search someone's looking for a product so when you're giving them information it's not ads you're helping them so let's just, 

Put this in a real life example for a second let's say that i'm currently in san francisco and then i'm a 49ers fan and let's just say this weekend the 49ers are playing the seahawks up in, 

Seattle and so we're thinking i'd be a great weekend let's go hop in the car drive up to seattle and watch the game will make a weekend out of it so we get in the car on saturday morning we start,

Driving billboards past the spire everyone sees billboards all over the interstate their ads who cares we don't care about these ads right now a couple hours past was well we're kind of, 

Getting hungry no we didn't need first where should we stop and get breakfast billboards aren't ads right now we're looking for them to find out what our options are there currently information now we stop we heed we get out a car what not we get back in the keep driving, 

Seattle and who cares billboard rats now when you think of search someone's looking for that information therefore search ads are not ads when you're, 

Helping someone make a decision so don't think of searches gimmick advertising i think it is you're helping a customer or potential customer fine with it looking for in return they give you money for it that's a great ecosystem of advertising, 

Because you're helping them make decisions so with search advertising they give this informational based advertising you help them out given them what the information they need they help you up becoming a customer so just want, 

To recap how we search you'll be searched to learn answers to questions that's why we searched in the first place so an ad can help answer the question tell user they can get their, 

Information from you right these are ads in essence but the really pieces of information and now that ad often the first brand experience with someone leads to your landing page the first page summon sees after clicking on add, 

Going to your website your first brand will experience on your site when that landing page connects the user to what they searched for initially antennas in fur contains information about the ads that's when conversion, 

Rates go up so search non eruptive someone's already looking for information so when your help people get answers to their questions that's when your conversions go up and paid search becomes an incredibly profitable,

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