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Holiday PPC Advertising Marketing Lear Complete PPC Advertising Marketing/Holiday PPC Advertising Certification

Module we're going to talk about PPC for the holidays the fundamentals of paid search campaigns are always necessary regardless if it's a holiday or typical day however there are some differences, 

In traffic patterns that can affect your marketing during holiday seasons first we're gonna take a look at the data that identifies these shifts and consumer researched piece and traffic so forth and then examine how to take advantage, 

Lear Complete PPC Advertising Marketing

Of these trends that occur during holiday seasons during holidays traffic for specific Goods often peak if you have peaks and lows in your sales cycle then you need to adjust your marketing during these, times so tips we'll be discussing in this module will help you take advantage of the peaks in your traffic so you can make as much money as possible during, 

These short live bursts of traffic that help you write out times of normal versus below normal traffic periods now what also happens is while holidays change traffic other seasonal events, 

Change traffic as well at the beginning of summer often you see a peak in swimwear at the beginning of the school season you often see increases in traffic for backpacks and school, 

Supplies well technically these are not holidays they are peaks in traffic and the same techniques that help you take advantage, 

Of holiday seasonal Peaks can help you take advantage of any peaks in your traffic during the past few years the Internet, 

Has increasingly become a destination point for holiday sales in 2009 the economic shift hurt online sales over the past few years though the Internet, 

Has increasingly become the place of consumers turn to spend money during holiday seasons in 2011 the average shopper not only planes has spent almost, 

47 percent of the money online they also plan on spending 36% of their entire shopping time online so this includes, 

Research as well as buying during these peaks in consumer interest search queries go up it's also common to see a, 

Shift in conversion rates that correlate to these spikes in traffic this makes it imperative to forecast when these spikes, 

Will occur so you can maximize your advantage during these short lift periods of time now many industries can take advantage, 

Of holiday peace while Christmas is the most obvious one and the one was talked about flowers have an increase in search and conversion rates from Valentine's, 

Day grills and outdoor cooking peak in the US around the July 4th holiday costumes peak right before Halloween decorations often start just for for Halloween with Halloween decorations but,

 Continued into November as decoration searches change from how we know Thanksgiving and then to Christmas so, 

Being able to identify these trends is necessary so that you can adjust marketing when the trends occur for you so next we're gonna look at some of the, 

Basics of paid search keywords ad copy landing pages and then see how they differ during holiday times now keywords are the foundation of paid search during the entire year the, 

Industry as a whole is often called keyword advertising now during holiday times there's often a shift in the keywords used by consumers so you need to make sure you're capturing the search, 

Growth of is additional keywords for instance a common trend over the past few years is consumers searching for deals so one of the most common ways to search for deals is to include the word,

Coupon in your search query so this is a chart of a number of searches for the word coupon compared to the overall, retail of search growth so retail search has obvious upward trends during Christmastime however this searches for coupon have, 

Larger growth Peaks during the holidays so users are increasing searching for deals so make sure your advertising on coupon words such as your product names,

With the word coupon attached to the word or coupon plus your industry now these queries go beyond just the word coupon some other key words to think about using in your account our discount, 

Sale cheap free shipping fast shipping bargains inexpensive she's not going to use these words individually just attach these words to your typical keyword uses and make permutations of your current keywords with discount with cheap with, 

Free shipping so you can capture these additional search queries often during holidays searches don't just look for existing products but they, 

Also turn to search engines for help in deciding what gifts to actually buy so you want to add keywords that are more related to gifts gift-giving and help consumers shop at your site, 

When uncertain what they're looking for these words are often higher in the shopping cycle you're gonna watch them closely during non holiday seasons it's common for words on the Shopping, 

Cycle to have lower conversion rates then more specific words because someone's not quite sure they're looking for yet but these words higher in the, 

Shopping cycle also often have higher average sale amounts because someone has it narrowed down to one specific product yet so it's more common to see cross sells and upsells for consumers because they want to be led in a direction for, 

They should be buying and are often more open to multi product buying when they're higher in the sales funnel so words like Valentine's Day bouquets for wife Christmas gifts for men just gifts under $20 Father's Day presents these, 

Aren't individual products these are searchers who are looking for a product but don't know what to buy and need your advice so if you can advertise on these words instead of the pages I talk about, 

Here are the gifts under $20 here are some most common Father's Day presents this will help you take advantage of the seasonal Peaks for these words so you can have more words to advertise on get more consumers and ultimately sell them additional products, 

Don't forget to take a look at searches across your site as well to help you mind for keywords this is a great way of spotting new trends and interests or sales from your own data the easiest way, 

To see converting queries across your site if you use Google Analytics is the first segment by visits with conversions then take a look at your search terms, 

It's also useful to take a look at visits without conversions to see if their search terms that are commonly used where you don't have a product or destination page you may want to add more products based upon consumer interest, 

Now also during holiday times double-check your negative keywords often words like discount coupon and free and up on negative keyword list during the course of year now since, 

These words are often searched during the holidays you might want to delete these keywords during holiday times so if you want to re-enable these negative keywords after your holiday pikas past use negative keyword lists so you can, 

Easily apply and then delete these words from a campaign now sense free shipping is so common during the holidays be careful of having a negative keyword free inside of your account if you sell, 

Tvs and someone searches for plasma TV with free shipping and you offer free shipping you probably want to show an ad fit query even though it contains the word free so be careful of the word free as a negative keyword, 

Now past key words we have to also look at our ad copy for holiday periods your ads serve as that bridge from the search query to your website so as consumer mindsets change during the holiday seasons your ads may also need to change, 

To take advantage of these search trends so the first place you want to start is looking at your site links everybody should be using site links period they allow you to take up more real estate, 

With your ad copy and show additional messages to consumers during the holiday season take advantage of these site links just show special promotional messages such as free discounted or, 

Guaranteed shipping links right into gift guides top rated gifts gifts under ten or twenty dollars and even benefit messages, 

Don't underestimate site links go often they don't get a lot of clicks individually they can often increase the ads overall click-through rates now if you sell physical goods online the easiest way to promote many of these Goods directly into the search results, 

Is to use the product extension with this extension you need a Google Merchant Center account then you need to upload a feed that contains your products to the Merchant Center account, 

Now many shopping carts have an easy way to export a product list that can be imported into the Merchant Center so the next connect your Merchant Center account to your adwords account for each campaigns where you want this extension displayed so if you're currently using, 

Google Merchant Center but not taking advantage of product extensions it should only take you a few minutes to enable this extension then you can show your products in images of your products, 

Directly on Google search page a page that doesn't have a lot of images this is a place to really get a lot more visibility for various products if you're a retail business with, 

Physical locations you want to use the location extension the easiest way to enable this extension is to create a Google Places account and everybody weather uses extension or not should, 

Clean your Google Places account for all of your locations then put your data into Google Places then just connect your Google Places account to your adwords account with the adwords, 

Location extension once these two are connected your Google Places in Adwords then a map and driving Direction options can be displayed directly in the ad copy this is a great way to show consumers, 

Exactly where you're located so they can stop in your store when they're out holiday shopping now throughout the year the searcher is usually the product user as a result, 

Your benefit messages inside of your ad copy are generally focused on the searcher during holidays this is not true during holidays the searcher is the buyer but they're not the recipients of, 

The product so you're gonna want to focus your benefit messages around the benefits for the searcher who's the buyer not the recipient or the gift, 

Receiver so prices discount offers free discounted shipping gift wrapping personalized cards quick shipping options those are great ways to think about benefits that are for the consumer, 

That may not benefit the recipient but the consumer is the one who's paying you don't forget to also create a sense of urgency free shipping until December 23rd or February 13th is the deadline for out-of-town flower delivery or order your grill by July 1st for the perfect, 

Life with Burgers holidays have exact dates they occur so as it gets closer to the date make sure you're creating a sense of urgency so they know there's a deadline they have to hit and they need to spend this money and give you more, 

Money than before this deadline if you'd like to test out some new ads some benefit messages or landing pages during the holiday season but you're worried how these new ads might cut into, 

Your profits after all not every test will work then use ace or adwords campaign experiments to run your tests with ace you can designate a percentage of times you wish your test ads or your test ad groups to run so you can still, 

Do ad copy testing but only show these new test ads 30% of a time that way you're jeopardizing a small percentage of revenue then look at the results and if your test ads do better and of course go ahead and enable those for the rest of the time to show now first we have our keywords which, 

Makes for ad show then we have our ad copy which brings in qualify traffic now your landing pages job is taking invent someone to actually buy and spend money so in this section we'll look at landing,

Pages and some changes you might want to use during holiday periods so the first row of landing pages regardless if it's holiday or typical year is that landing pages should give the consumer the, 

Answer to their search query or show them how to get the answer in terms of buying a product now someone searched because they want the answer to a, 

Question and your landing page is the starting place for that quest so it should be close to related search query, 

However you need to go beyond just just answer users question to maintain sense between the ad copy and the landing page if you make a promise in your ad such as free shipping discount codes 50% off make sure your landing page has that same offer and that it's prominent on the page so someone sees your ad 50% off, 

The ascend your landing page a few percent off there's no confusion then about the offered how to take advantage of the offer another thing to test out for holiday times that often free shipping does really well sometimes even, 

Better than sales i've seen times we're offering free shipping does better than 10% off even when free shipping will save you $9 and tampers off we'll say 15 free shipping is a really important one, 

During holiday periods but also during the holidays often users don't really know what to buy so creating holiday guides for various genders age ranges and price points is a, 

Good idea you can point up these guides on category pages or specials across your site but if you do buy keywords such as gifts for men under $25 just for females gifts for the wife, 

Make sure those words are going to the buying guide for that query so by creating guides and buying keywords related to the guides you can follow people who don't know if they want yet, 

Into a specific section of goods and sell more overall products now upsells and cross-sells can also increase your average order value if you have your own previous data on upsells use that and designing across those, 

Sections but if you're uncertain and you're not sure what price points or what products to add on your cross sell pages a general rule that works pretty well is that you should upsell a product to a maximum cost point of 60 percent of, 

The current product for instance if you think of someone buying a tie then you can cross sell a matching handkerchief a belt maybe a tie clip but you can't sell someone an entire suit or an expensive, 

Shirt now if someone does buy a suit then you can cross out an expensive shirt or a matching tie because they spent more money on the suit initially another great use of upsells from the, 

Holiday season is gift wrapping or personalized cards so a good test to run is what happens if you do an upsell of Grif trapping versus even offer it as a free additional benefit does the additional benefit a free gift wrapping increase conversion rates enough to, 

Offset the fact you're giving away a service so that's something else to think about during holidays is gift wrapping and personalized cards but also, 

Offer gift cards gift cards have huge spikes during Christmas time however they're also often bought around birthdays wedding times baby showers, 

Graduation and mothers and fathers day often gift cards are an easier cross-sell than a specific product as, 

The user can just specify a price amount for a gift card and not have to worry about hunting for very specific products that fit into their price points, 

The holidays to occur on specific dates and no one wants their gifts to be delivered late so just have a page that shows your shipping schedule so someone, 

Can tell they have to order by this date to be able to get their gift on time so be careful of just saying things like we can get your present there by December 24th many people travel during the, 

Holidays they might need their presence to get there by the 22nd so they can take them with them if you only say we can still get there about 24th you haven't really spoken to the traveling person who needs stuff earlier your, 

Landing page and website needs to convince a user to buy from you the easier it is to find information whether it's shipping guides gift guides so forth and the easier it is to buy a, 

Product from you as well better your sales should be during holiday periods now holiday times bring about higher search volume and often higher bids as well so in this section we'll examine a few items to keep an eye on to make sure you're able to capture all of the, 

Relevant traffic to your business so what happens during holiday times is that cost per clicks and bids increase due to more advertisers wanting to capture the increase search of volume so on the surface that might not seem,

Profitable if you're already bidding based upon return on investment or ROA as for some metric you've devised then you don't want to just bid more because there's a volume increase but if your conversions also increase and your, 

Conversion rate increases then you do want to bid more so if you have last year's data study it carefully because often what happens during holiday times is while cpc's go up conversion rates also go up which means your CPA your, 

Cost per action can still be lower even at a higher CPC so if you have this added ask yourself questions such as do flour conversions increase 10% or 30%, 

Two days before Valentine's Day Jebus sales explosion on Cyber Monday but the next Tuesday conversions go back to normal therefore you might want increase your, 

Bids for just a day or two then lower them back to more normal levels before you find the next increase in conversion rate so if you have the data use it however if you don't have a circle data then watch your conversions very closely, 

In fact you might want to just sit down and do some research about the top days for you to make out a clear calendar these days should be spikes in traffic therefore we're hoping our CPA goes down, 

Our covers rate goes up a little bit more these days we think traffic will return to normal so let's reset our bids make a plan of how you want to change your cpc's because what you don't want, 

To do during peak days is use just last week or last month's data because that does not give you a good indicator of how the peaks are going to occur and how you're coming version rates will shift so if you have, 

Last year's data at great use that for holidays if you don't make some good guesses about how to increase cpc's office some estimated conversion rate, 

Increases now if also you don't have all this data and you're not sure how to make all these guesstimates then you might just want to test out Google's conversion, 

Optimizer with Google conversion optimizer you must be using adwords conversion track and you must meet a minimum number of conversions each month if you have these numbers then you can turn on conversion optimizer and Google, 

Will take over the bidding for you and attempting to get the most conversions possible for your target or your max cost per action so this is a really good compromise if you normally like a lot of, 

Control but you don't know how to how to guess your bids so if you have a lot of conversions but don't have much historical data then relay in Google's, 

Bid technology instead of a lot of guesswork to try to grab as many conversions as possible during the holidays, now with conversion optimizer or even your preferred bidding system that just sets the bids for your keywords there's another setting that's useful to get the, 

Most conversions possible when the ad does show then normally throughout the year you'll be doing a lot of testing of ads you'll probably use the rotate, 

Function most often real show ad 1 then 2 then 3 back to 1 again to get a lot of data across multiple tests to pick your winner however during peak times these times don't last very long you really want to grab as many conversions, 

Possible in that short amount of time so there's another setting called optimized for conversions show ads expected to produce the most conversions so Google is going to look at your ads your ad, 

Conversion rates and in your keyword so forth to serve the ads with the highest conversion rate the most so this is a good way during holiday seasons to grab, 

A few more conversions when you don't want to do a huge amount of testing well you don't have the time because you're doing all this other stuff related holiday seasons then during the rest of, 

The year do your more typical conversion testing on your ad copies you'll also want to watch your budgets very closely as holidays bring about, 

More traffic there's a lot more clicks we captured but you have to have a large enough budget to capture these additional clicks so the easiest way to, 

See if you're losing impressions due to budget is to look at the lost impression share budget percentages for your campaigns so you can access this data from the campaign's tab and if you don't see it then hit the customize columns,

Link and then look under the competitive metrics and add your impression share in lost impression budget data so once you save these columns then you'll see impressions share for the campaigns and,

The reasons either budget of rank you're losing impressions if you're losing a precious suitor rank then you need to raise your a drink which is a combination of bid and a quality score, 

But if you're losing impressions due to budgets just by raising your budgets you should be able to capture more impressions it's also useful to look beyond just, 

Search and see how the display network can also increase your conversions during holiday seasons according to consumer brahmer approximately 53% of retail information is found via search engines another 18% is found on to, 

Consumer review sites and then smaller percentages are found on places like blogs forums and other content sites you can reach these non search sites through the Google Display Network in fact,

According to Google 80% a medium advertiser conversions are from search and 20% are from Display now i've seen many examples where display conversions are actually much much higher than that, 

But enabling display campaigns can help you reach more consumers during the entire year but especially during holiday season when these sites also see, 

Traffic spikes as people are looking for more product information gift guides and other info before making purchases if you have previously paused your display, 

Campaigns you should give them another try during holiday seasons if you've not used the Google Display Network often and it sort of on accustomed to choosing keywords for the network the contextual targeting tool, 

Can give you a quick jump start this tool shows you keywords related to an idea gives you approximate cpc's and you can even get a list of websites where your ads can be displayed so this is a quick way to build several display ad, 

Groups so you can take advantage of the Display Network even that previously worked and tested what keywords go per ad group so you can target appropriately if you're looking for a broad reach across the display network or if you, 

Don't have the time to pick and choose all your keywords topic targeting can give you a display boost with topic targeting you can choose topics and then, 

Let Google figure out where to put your ads on sites related to that topic with topic targeting please try and be as specific as possible when you choose topics choosing the apparel topic will give you a huge reach but it's not going to be a very targeted reach if you, 

Choose just a formal wear for one ad group you can create an ad copy related to formal wear if in another ad group you choose just children's clothing, 

Topic targeting then you can make an Advil ADA to just children's clothing so with display you still want to make sure that your targets your ad copies and your landing pages are still close related to each other just as with, 

Search another tool that Google Offers that will help you advertise across the Google Display Network is the display ad builder this tool lets you quickly create display ads that you can show on, 

These various sites across this play Network what's nice about the tool so there's a lot of pre created 
Themes you can start with and then you can customize them to showcase your products many of these themes are related to holidays there's Christmas Valentine's, 

Day Presidents Day ads that are related to specific holidays there's also edge with it's more ambiguous time frames where you may see traffic spikes such as spring summer or winter so using graphical ads across the, 

Display Network can not only bring in traffic but just display the ads also make sure more consumers are seeing your brand during peak seasons holidays bring about an increase in search they also, 

Cause an inflation and consumer research as well so by using the Display Network you just build increase your total conversions during holiday season by,

Reaching people who are on non search sites doing research about gift buying or just your products in general now remarketing is very effective across the entire year and there's a set of, 

Guidelines around best practices in using remarketing during the year however during peak research times you might break a few of these rules as traffic is just different for holiday periods than the rest of the year, 

Now's remarketing is still fairly new and it's way underused first we do a quick recap about remarketing and then talk about how to use it so what marketing does is allow you to serve an ad across Google's Display Network to, 

Those who are previously on your site you do not have to target keywords or topics you can target individuals who are previously on your site censure and marketing campaign structures are based upon your site and not your keywords, 

First examine your website look for areas that people visit that indicate they're interested in various products for instance if someone who visits your homepage they've not gone any further in your site it might not care too much,

About your products but if someone's gone into your category pages are better at your product pages then you might want to serve ads back to those users as they spent more time on your site do, 

More research and we're more interested in your products so think about your site's overall structure it's also useful to have your analytics open at the same time as you need to set 500 cookies or have 500 people in a list, 

Before a marketing list can go active you'll still want your ads and landing pages to be similar to the section some was on your site so for instance if some was on your your women's section you, 

Don't want to show luggage ads if they're in the girls section you want to show as what's a girl's clothing so first take a look at your site structure how many visits each section of your, 

Site gets in a time period then to determine how you want to remarket back to consumers so your ads and your categories are close related to each other,

Once you've determined how you wanna set up your ad groups based upon your ads your site structure then you need to go into the audience section of adwords and, 

Create a list for each one of these sections when you create a list you can also set up a cookie duration and name the list so you have an idea what it's, 

About once you create a list Google is going to give you a code this is the one of the average conversion tracking code this code only should go on the pages where you want someone who visits that, 

Page to be associated to that list so for instance if you have a men's section a women's section and a children's section you'll define three less one, 

Men's on women when children you'll have three codes one will only go in the men's section one only goes in the women's section one only goes in the children's section that way you can segment your audience based upon where they are on your site now first do this, 

Immediately because this starts collecting the cookies themselves to build up your list sizes when you're ready to go ahead and create ads for these lists then you'll go to an ad, 

Group under the audiences tab you can define what lists the user is in and you can have both negative and positive list just like keywords so once you create your ad groups the right ad copy that goes along with the list so for instance if you have set up a list for men's, 

Clothing women's clothing and children's clothing set up three a groups that way each a group has just that lists in it and appropriate ad copy now for the holiday season it's useful to include, 

Dates and key selling points so for instance remember to order by December 23rd for Christmas delivery err or we can do same-day flower delivery for Valentine's Day etc now with remarketing, 

Google does have some pretty strict guidelines about user privacy and how you can do some ads so please do take a look at their guidelines to make sure not violating any of them the best place to put,

A remarketing code is on the shopping cart page people who shopped across your site added items to their cart got your checkout page and then didn't convert that's when your most valuable prospects, 

For remarketing you should target these users separately from the rest of your site as often you'll be willing to pay more for one of these consumers to come back to your site as opposed to someone who just visited your homepage or, 

Category page so if you make abandoned shoppers or own lists you can serve them specific ad text and set separate bids from just someone who is on a different section of your website now normally,

During the year you'll also want a list on your thank-you page as you might not want to remark that back to those who converted so you set a cook in your thank-you page and you put that in your negative list or you might want to, 

Market back to them a month or so after they shopped to remind them about their good experience on your site and try to increase lifetime visitor values by showing ads back to these users after a, 

Period of time during holiday seasons it's useful to be just a bit more aggressive remarketing to converters then during the rest of the year if someone has a good experience on your site and they still need something they haven't bought all their gifts they need, 

To buy another flower bouquet whatever it is make sure your ad is still there when they need something similar again so during holiday season you'll often raise your frequency caps for remarketing and even offer specials to those who converted once to incentivize, 

Them to return to your sites so during the rest of the year remarketing asking oh but creepy need to control them or frequency capping you can raise those, 

Caps during holiday seasons the one thing to remember marketing is that you have to have 500 cookies set before a list will go active so it's useful just to set and collect cookies for your, 

Lists even if you're on active or your marketing by collecting the cookies when you're ready now to serve an ad then you already have a list with people in it she can immediately start serving these in addition what you will find is that you'll want to adjust messages as the holiday approaches for, 

Instance for holidays for weeks away you might want one benefit message at the two week mark the holidays getting close you might want to focus a bit more on prices or discounts when it's a week away you might want to focus more on shipping for that last-minute shopper so, 

You don't want to keep changing your lists here you just want different ads to show to someone based upon the current date so what you can do then is, 

Just go write several ads your ad groups ones you want wive at the four week mark the two week mark the one week mark that the day of Dizz based upon your holiday times in your products and then pause, 

These additional ends Google reviews paused ads so these ads should be reviewed hopefully approved and then you set a reminder to yourself that it's a, 

Week before the holiday pause add one on pause add to that we're changing your message is based upon benefits and time frames so we're marketing is a very powerful way that you can serve as the people who already, 

Know your brand they already know your site by planning out and executing marketing campaigns you can remark it back to converters to increase select a visitor value or we mark it back to non converters to increase your total, 

Conversions during holiday seasons our mobile usage is on the rise for both tablets and smartphones you should be showing ads to mobile users during the, 

Holidays in fact the National Retail Federation did a survey asking people how they would use mobile devices during the holidays the top answer was to research products and compare prices the second most common was for purchasing, 

Products the third was coupon Redemption then looking at locations and then finally using apps for research and purchasing this means that both brick-and-mortar, 

And online only stores can use mobile campaigns to their advantage if you have a physical store they need to showcase coupons and locations if you're an online only store then of course use coupons as well and make it easy for, 

Mobile purchases on your site both brick-and-mortar and online only can include information about products for product research purposes as well so it's important that you have a mobile, 

Presence during holiday season now for mobile devices often the keywords are shorter than on desktops so to do mobile keyword research the, 

Adwords Keyword tool is a great place to start under the Advanced Options you can choose to segment mobile only so you're only seeing search data for mobile, 

Devices if you have a physical store make sure you're using location extensions so that consumers can easily get driving directions from their phone or tablet, 

And see maps of where you are located you'll often want to focus on seeing their products touching the products something you can do in a physical place you can't do online and the benefits of in-person service pick up your present, 

Today and take it home with you now if you're an online retailer then you're going to focus more on price comparison and free shipping for your mobile ads as mobile is on the rise and it's not slowing down having a mobile presence in, 

Both the ads and a nice mobile compatible site has really become a necessity for anyone who wants to capture mobile traffic and often, holidays drive an increase in mobile traffic and there's good traffic to be had on mobile devices there are a few other things just to,

 Consider before we look at a wrap-up of the key points to remember so first don't stop advertising just after the holidays there are those who look for cheap costumes just after Halloween they, 

Look for after Christmas specials they buy their grills on July 6th from the leftover sales inventory you don't want to use your existing yet pains our, 

Holiday focus for these consumers but you can use similar keywords and just change your ads more focus on post holiday shopping it also happens is the closer to a holiday the less discriminating the shopper becomes the, 

Shopper goes from finding the perfect gift to something that's just good enough so even if you run out of the latest and greatest gifts continue marketing to similar items as other, 

Retailers will also run out or sometimes prices spike as the man goes up with imagery drops so continued advertising through the entire holiday also don't forget a lot of people travel for holidays it's really common so just make sure you don't make the really common mistake of saying we can still get your, 

Present by December 24th that's not good enough for a traveler so just remember a lot of people do travel so often focusing on the latest date is not a good idea until it becomes closer to the latest Dayton every other tire has, 

Pretty much passed so some things to remember first off on keywords make sure you add discount keywords things like coupon sales add topical keywords valentine's day presents gifts for men and check your, 

Negative keywords especially if you have a negative keyword free for your ad copy use ad extensions site links location extensions product extensions are using the 3 best for holiday seasons and make sure you're focusing your benefits for, 

The buyer not the product user free landing pages maintain your ad copy sense if you make a promise in your ad make sure it's on the landing page and gift buying guides are wonderful for people who are shopping who don't really know what they want yet tell them what, 

They should be buying now keep an eye on your bids and budgets during holiday season especially your impression shared loss to the budget if you're making money don't have your ads stopped at 4 in the afternoon raise your budgets you're going to do more anticipations, 

Of beta and conversion changes in conversion optimizer and the focus on conversion setting for your ad copy display are good features of adwords to examine for holiday seasons for the, 

Display Network enable your display campaigns they're great to run during holidays but also use display ad builder so that you're using topical ads and the your ads showcase winter or Christmas or Valentine's Day remarketing is great for holiday season is great all year but for, 

Holiday season you might break a few rules you may increase your frequency caps during holiday season but start, 

Remarketing now at least from the fact of grabbing the cookies and putting people into s then change your ads as necessary to focus on holiday benefits and remarket bow to converters and non converters in different ad groups with,

Appropriate messages make a mobile campaign and make a separate campaign just for mobile use location extensions or product extensions based upon your business type and then do keyword research just for mobile users having a, 

Separate mode we'll campaign and then tracking that data closely can let you see just how good mobile can be over holiday seasons and remember don't stop marketing just after a holiday after the holidays switch your statements from holiday, 

Sales to after holiday sales and also the closer to the holiday the more someone changes from good enough versus the best if it's a long ways away they often want the best presence as a holiday approaches people want a good, 

Enough presence so the best practices of paid search are the same throughout the entire year if your keywords cause relevant ads to show Rovin ads leave the, 

Landing pages that answer that query then track your conversion set your bids etc these are best practices regardless of seasonality factors but during, 

Holiday seasons traffic spikes conversion rates often increase cost per actions often decrease by seeing when this is going to happen for you and anticipating changes to keywords ads, 

Landing pages budgets and bits you can capture these additional queries bring more people to your site and have more revenue and profits.

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