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Automation Email Marketing Learn Email Marketing Step By Step

One of the most exciting developments in email marketing is automation this session will cover three aspects of automation that will help you stay in contact with your customers grow a, 

Learn Email Marketing

Better business relationship and send messages in a timely manner all by creating automated messages businesses that implement these concepts have seen, 

Their revenue increased dramatically the objective in this lesson is for you to become familiar with the types of automation how it can be utilized, 

Effectively and how to use automation to grow your business this lesson covers the key concepts of autoresponders welcomed series emails and lead, 

Nurturing all of which enable a better conversation with your customer marketing automation is one of the, 

Factors in increasing technology that allows us to be much more effective in developing email campaigns that we can automate but also provide more personal, 

Interaction to our customers the simple premise of marketing automation is that we are automating messages that we can, 

Predict and know that they will be happening with certainty and so we can pre write and prepare marketing messages, for a very specific events and then either time those or make them contingent based on a specific action an, 

Example of a marketing automation campaign is a personalized offer based on a different applicant for a magazine the offer is for a free magazine and so, 

As someone fills that out with their name and their address and specific information that information then goes, 

To a third-party data management provider they are able to gather information about that and then based on the data we can then coordinate a, 

Personalized response based on their information and all this happens within milliseconds if we know that this person is a good credit risk we can allow them to sign up for the free magazine if we, 

Think they're a bad credit risk then we can change the message on the fly and have them call a 1-800 number to prepay for the offer that allows us to treat people differently based on who they are, 

Based on their scores based on the propensity to buy and we can also test different offers so if we know that someone is most likely not to pay they, 

Just want the free offer we can change the message if we know that someone is marginal well we can test an offer and give them a discount if they pay upfront one company enacted a transaction campaign just like this and what it did, 

Is it didn't change their revenue but what it changed where their costs to service p people that did not intend to pay they, 

Just didn't give them the offer and so their net profits increased dramatically because they customized the message using marketing automation to get the right message to the right person hey once you become an expert in digital marketing.

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