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Mobile Marketing Measurement / Lear About Mobile Marketing Strategy

While imperfect measurement is a crucial part of marketing on mobile there are plenty of valuable metrics available in mobile and throughout this lesson I cover key metrics for various mobile marketing activities whether you are, 

 Mobile Marketing Strategy 

Examining an SMS program a search campaign or an app see which metrics you should track and how to spot mobile specific problem spots make sure your mobile program is successful by identifying valuable kpis and using them intelligently in this section you will learn to express the importance of, 

Measurement on mobile even with imperfect technologies to correlate key metrics to track for a given mobile marketing service and to explain the inherent limitations of measurement on mobile and it reminds me of that, 

Familiar story about 50% of advertising works we just don't know which 50% I'm here to tell you and I hopefully have made the case for you in a variety of ways that we actually have more ways of, 

Knowing if something is working for instance in our Ford example if somebody texted in off of a television spot or off of a print ad we not only know that, 

We got impressions we know how many people might have listened it in or watched a spot we have the ability to say this many people picked up their phone and did something so that's good, 

But I also want to not sugarcoat this there are some things that we can measure in mobile and there are many things that we need to get better at but people who are way smarter than me say, 

That they can't afford to wait until everything is locked down before they get into this channel just because as we mentioned many many times our consumers our prospects have migrated there and you can't one more cliche fish where the, 

Fish were on you need to go where they are now all right so what can we track now i'll throw out the word lot I think that there are many things that we can take a look at and say all right we created, 

This campaign what activity did we see first one for messaging and email we can look at how many messages were sent out and we can look at open rates now how do you do that you work with a vendor who, 

Has a dashboard there are a lot of different flavors and a lot of different UI is when it comes to this but it's a pretty simple fact - no messages that, 

Were sent out and then you can take a look at open rates you've been doing that for years with email could do the same thing with messaging for search you could also look by keyword or by device, 

Or by click to call so you are asking people to do something and you can take note one one example that I want to throw out there is let's say you're a, 

Brand and you're doing mobile marketing and you want to use different channels to to get your message out there one way to do it is if you're using short codes, 

Is to have a different keyword in one channel versus another what I mean by that is let's say you're running a campaign and you have facebook you can hat you can say text the word fly to your shortcode and if you have a the, 

Same campaign running in a different marketing channel say email you can have the word airplane as your keyword and then when you see how folks are responding to that you can talk about if, 

One channel is performing better than the other you can make adjustments along the way it's really a good example of an a/b test you might want to include both or you might want to say you know what I'm really seeing more activity more, 

Pick up on one versus another so that's a good way to track also you can also track impressions - conversions on mobile web and apps we're getting better better at that there are things like, 

Deep links which allow us to know that we're going from from to a specific place within an app and and as we go literally month by month year by year the granularity allows us, 

To to get even more insights into our campaigns but there are also many hurdles and inhibitors for us to measure I know that this whole idea of cross channel, 

Journeys and one of the biggest things that people are presenting as solutions are hey we can we can track the journey of the consumer from one from the time they get up in the morning until the, 

Time they go to bed at night and that that's really not the case some companies are getting this closer than others but some things that are holding us back are things like lack of, 

Standardization and I mentioned QR codes in my Macy's example even today there's a lack of standardization when it comes to QR scanners through many people when they purchase a phone or when they will, 

Get a phone from their employer there's no QR scanner that is on the device out of the box so you have to choose one maybe you're going to download it from the App Store and there, 

Are different scanners and different standardization so not every QR campaign runs the same way I look back at text messaging was also in a lack of standardization place where you couldn't send messages across carrier several, 

Years ago and one of the ways to kickstart text messaging programs was when standardization happened and also the price of texting came down which is with which coincided with that another hurdle is this whole fat-finger concept and unintended actions and I exercise, 

Regularly I don't think I have especially fat fingers but I have a pretty small phone I'm not one of those who's bought into the concept of having the size of a tennis racket next to my, 

Ear so I have a standard smartphone size if there is such a thing and I'm still hitting places my engaging with content, 

Engaging engaging with advertising that I wasn't intending to do I wonder if there's something that the brand is or the network is is trying to get unintended clicks to get their action up, 

I hope that's not the case I believe that people don't wake up in the morning it's wanting to do bad things but there is unintended actions that are being caused by that fingers and I think there's an imperfect tracking of ad placements,

You would think that if you were to run a campaign if you're a brand or a business and you said I want to run on these particular publishers through this particular Network there would be and if you asked five different people, 

To run that report you would get that report the same way with the same results we're not at that place yet and so attribution is needs to get better but i'll remind you as we close out this section that there is enough that we can, 

Measure and enough proof that the course that we take is leading to our business intended result be it drive traffic to a storage drive traffic to a website promote a new product that we can't wait so I hope that helps, 

It's a it's really a critical area and something that I would implore you to lean on your vendors lean on your agencies or those in your in your world to ensure that there is as much tracking, 

And as much measurement as possible here are the key takeaways while measurement isn't perfect we can't afford to wait until it is open rates is one way to measure SMS and email campaign results on search you can, 

Measure by keyword device or click to call the granularity of measurement is improving months after month tracking the customer journey is the Holy Grail but not yet fully realized.

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