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Pinterest Marketing Certification Training Tutorial Learn Pinterest Marketing

If you're not familiar with Pinterest and sort of what it is and how it works it's fairly easy to get the basic concept down pat it's basically, a web-based version of an inspiration board where you can collect ideas and references and pictures and information for things that you're interested in, 

Things you might be researching or things you might be preparing for so if you remember maybe your grandmother your mother might have had manila envelope that sat in the junk drawer in her, 

Learn  Pinterest Marketing 

Kitchen that had clipped out recipes or clipped out ideas for how she might want to decorate the house or make a change, of some place this basically takes that same concept of how we've always been tied to gathering information together, 

And it puts it into a socialized web-based environment where that sort of collection activity can be shared with other people that have similar interests, and ideas it's a place to take those pieces of content those ideas that you spot online that's a that's a really, 

Cool idea I'd really like to do that and to categorize it and save it in a visual environment some place that we're probably more likely to go back and, 

Connect with it if you think about how bookmarking has traditionally worked in the world of the web it's text-based you know if you use, the bookmarks or the favorites that are built into your browser you tend to end up with big long lists and folders of just all sorts of text links that we, 

Really don't go back and end up using that much later down the line because a lot of times we don't take the time to, customize those descriptions and becomes kind of difficult to remember why we might have even put them in there in the, 

First place now with Pinterest on the other hand because everything has a visual context to it there's a much higher level of recall it's much easier, 

To say you know not just I'm looking for that corn fritter recipe but here's the specific corn fritter recipe I'm looking at because I remember that image behind, it or when you're looking for inspiration of what you might want to have as an outdoor project this year, 

Maybe you're looking for that infographic that had that data you needed for your presentation it's much easier to go back in and find it visually than it is to go through again, 

The traditional text-based bookmarks that most of us are used to working with it's also a place to go for inspiration and to gather new ideas not just to save the ideas that you found other places on, 

The web but to browse through specific topics and to spot those little pieces of information that you say hey this has value to me I want to save that and categorize that as well finding, 

Inspiration on those topics that you enjoy and that you're interested in to that extent it's made a lot of changes in the way that we do idea, 

Searching online and in fact we've even started to see a little bit of changes in the way Google and Bing start to present some of their information, 

Because of the influence that we see Pinterest having on how people search so if you think about going to Google or going to Bing and running a search say for blackberry cobbler the results that, 

You get back may have a couple ads here and there they may have some images but for the most part they're going to be text-based descriptions that have maybe, 

The added credibility of a website you recognize but you don't really know what you're going to get on the other end until you click that link go through to the site and actually look on it now when you run that same search on, 

Pinterest you're instantly getting a visual representation of the content and if you're looking for a specific type of blackberry cobbler becomes a lot easier, 

To take a look and say oh wow that one sounds wonderful but you're also reading curated descriptions that are added by, human beings rather than the metadata or the relevant content off the page that's pulled by a search engine algorithm and plugged into that space nope interest, 

Also makes it very easy for you to refine your search as you can see across the top maybe you want an easy blackberry cobbler recipe or maybe you, 

Want a blackberry cobbler recipe with oats they can take the user data and the way the information is saved and collected within Pinterest and help you refine those searches further so it also has a heavy impact again on the way that, 

People are now doing discovery for different ideas and concepts so it's important to be able to look at Pinterest in sort of the broader context, 

Of what we're used to with social media so if for example Pinterest is one of the newer channels to you but maybe you're familiar with Facebook because, 

Facebook is sort of the behemoth of all things social media having a little bit of side-by-side comparison can be a helpful way to put Pinterest into perspective so when we look at monthly usage data for the two sites the average, 

Person spends about seven hours a month on Facebook and about 90 minutes a month on Pinterest no at surface that would seem like people are way more invested in facebook than they are in Pinterest, 

And to an extent that's true again it has a higher usage rate it has more frequent visit rate but it's also important to understand the context of, 

How we use these two sites because facebook is a place that is a destination rather than a starting point we go to Facebook to participate in conversations to see what people are interested in and talking about and to a, 

Great extent to have that conversation and engagement on facebook itself Pinterest on the other hand is sort of a strange hybrid of say a search engine, 

And a social media site because it's a starting point it's the place that we go to either build our collection to look at other people's collections or for, 

Inspiration so we're spending as much time off site as we are on site again the same way that you might go to Google 20 times a day but not spend more than 10 or 15 minutes total during the day on the site because you're using the site to get yourself to another location so, 

We're Facebook becomes that place where you're engaging with your fans Pinterest is the place where you're attracting your fans researching them and what their likes and what their interests are, 

So again Facebook is a place where we're going and we're trying to get people to stay and engage and interact with us and sort of spread things around but with Pinterest there's sort of an, 

Understanding that you're getting a touch point in front of them and you're getting an interest point in front of them but ideally they're finding their way into your site into your content, 

Again it's a launch point rather than the actual engagement location there's still a lot of misconceptions about the site who uses it how they use it whether or not it's a good fit for a, 

Particular business or brand so I want to clear up some of the misconceptions that a lot of marketers and a lot of business owners still have a lot of people still look at Pinterest is sort, 

Of the way it originally launched which was mostly about women either planning their wedding or ones who wish they were still planning their wedding because suddenly they had all these great ideas, 

A little bit of designers and foodies mixed in then maybe some men you know hiding in the very very corners and edges of the Pinterest universe but for,

The most part pinterest was originally all fashion makeup beauty food and home design now we've seen a lot of changes in the demographics over the last couple of years in fact there really is sort of,

A new reality and we're seeing a continued creep towards this new reality so currently nearly a third of Pinterest users are actually men 71 percent or women twenty-nine percent are men that, 

Accounts for about thirteen percent of the mail internet population now having a Pinterest account where is forty-two percent of female Internet users have an account now when we look a little bit beyond sort of just the male female, 

Demographic the financial numbers they're pretty good sixty-four percent nearly two-thirds of them make more than 50,000 a year and a pretty good percentage of them also make more than a, 

Hundred thousand dollars a year now one of the areas that Pinterest does differ from some of the other channels like Twitter is that it's a very non urban environment so if we look at a channel like Twitter we see a very high urban, 

Population much higher adoption rates there but with Pinterest we see a lot more suburban and even way more rural than we see on some of the other channels again it's just a different, 

Demographic that's checking in here so it becomes a unique place to go and reach some of the people that you might have a more difficult time reaching on some of the other platforms and channels, 

2014 was really a banner year for men on pinterest and we really by the end of that year saw a lot of very significant changes they accounted for thirty-three percent of all the new signups coming in, 

And if you go outside of the United States that's roughly fifty percent of the signups that are happening so we saw seventy-three percent year-over-year growth in men registering for the site I, 

Think women will probably always be the dominant demographic that's on the site but I think we're going to continue to see the number of men increase a little bit more until we sort of reach a leveling off now an important thing to, 

Note again when you think about how you're getting in front of your audience and whether or not it's a worthwhile place to check out it's very important to realize more men now read Pinterest, 

Each month then Sports Illustrated and GQ combined so again we're getting really good depth of insight now when we look at emerging markets Korea India China the numbers are even better men make up half of all users not half of, 

Sign ups you know not half of growth it's literally a 50-50 split when we look at some of those emerging markets so if you're doing a lot of international marketing or if you're, 

Primarily focused and international marketing it becomes even more important to look at Pinterest in how you might work it into your outreach efforts now some of the top categories for men because most people are very familiar, 

With which ones perform best for women food home design for you know gardening fashion all of those perform really well for women when we look at the categories, 

For men geek tends to be the number one category so anything you have technology geeky oriented does really well cars and motorcycles men's fashion does extremely, 

Well gardening performs very well for men architecture humor and health and fitness tend to really be the places where there's the most activity going on, 

But in this day and age you can also go into foodie you can go into outdoors travel you can go into a variety of different boards and you're still going, 

To see a lot of active pinning and engagement and interaction by men now with all of this discovery and with growing demographics coming into the site it also means that Pinterest has, 

Some pretty impressive traffic potential looking at some of the stats that have come out pakora has done a great job of sort of tracking to see how do people, 

Engage with Pinterest you know what's going on with a site we find that the average pin drives two visits and six page views it's also worth an average of about seventy eight cents and sales now when we look at this in terms of sort of, 

Morality we see that the average pin also receives 11 reap ends now if you're a big Twitter user you're familiar with the idea of retweets so to give you a little perspective on that that makes, 

The average pin roughly a hundred times more viral than the average tweet which receives what about point one percent repin 0.01 percent reap ends so again when we look at the potential for things, 

To spread and move around at a faster pace pinterest has a lot of potential but one of the other interesting things about Pinterest is the latent nature of traffic and purchases that come in from, 

It's not uncommon for a pin to go up have a really big traffic spike then it sort of dies off and then someone else discovers it you know because they're running a search or they're looking somewhere they pin it it gets back into, 

The feed nice and fresh traffic spikes again or people pin content without having visited the site to read it and then they go back and review it later so roughly half of all visits that come in from pinterest occur three months after the original pin was released or the, 

Original pin was made and about half of all orders occur two months after which again if people are researching christmas lists maybe putting together you know potential purchase lists for, 

Things they're going to buy for their house or for themselves it makes sense that they would do their research do their gathering and then go back at a later point to kind of dig in a little bit more and make that final purchase, 

Decision now Pinterest also has some true ecommerce potential it's not just about driving traffic we've also found that Pinterest is very effective at getting, 

Those actual conversions so looking at some of the Pinterest shopping stats forty-seven percent of online shoppers have made a purchase based on a Pinterest recommendation and when we look at ecommerce social sharing though, 

Not social sharing in general but sharing of products things you intend to buy Pinterest holds forty-one percent of e-commerce social sharing now Facebook sits at 37 to give you a little bit of perspective so again far more ecommerce, 

Social sharing taking place on the Pinterest platform and then when we look at purchases coming in you know I mentioned 78 cents per pin is sort of the average but when people actually do, 

Come in and convert and by we see an average purchase amount of 179 dollars coming off of a Pinterest referral we compare that to Facebook we get eighty, 

Dollars at Facebook and sixty nine dollars at Twitter so if we want to do the math to put this in a little more perspective that means that Pinterest generates on average twenty-seven percent more revenue per click then, 

Facebook does and that it generates roughly four hundred percent more revenue per click than Twitter now this makes a lot of sense if you think about it because when people are on Twitter they're usually checking to see what's, 

The news what's sort of the trending topics what are people talking about but not necessarily in a shopping mindset when they're on Facebook they're, 

Catching up with friends and with the new sources that they follow and kind of seeing you know just what's the word what's happening online but when people are on pinterest there in that sort of, 

You know small child going to mcdonalds to get the latest happy meal toy you know collect them all mode there in that mindset already of gathering and acquiring and collecting and a lot of times they're using it specifically as part of their purchasing decisions so, 

They're already in a mental state or mental mindset when they come into your website to be prepared for purchase they're also going to be more apt to use something like Pinterest or research higher ticket items so whether that's, 

You know your wedding dress instead of maybe the you know the little favors that you're going to buy for Michaels or maybe it's you know a leather couch that you're going to put, 

In your living room instead of the pillow that you're going to pick up a target it's a higher-end product that they're saving and then collecting so again you're going to have a higher dollar amount when they actually do come, 

Through and make that purchase now I also want to touch on the idea of Pinterest and how it has changed the value of images because everyone knows image marketing over the last several years it's become really hot there's a, 

Lot of focus on it and Pinterest has really played a big role in the development of that now if we think back several years ago to the earlier days of social media to youtube and how youtube changed video marketing what happened with youtube is that we had this explosion of consumer generated content, 

And that content was very well received in fact when we looked at data in way back in 2012 we could see that user-generated content and professionally produced content that was, 

Paired with user-generated content performed far better across the board then professionally produced only content in other words when it looked, 

Like it came from a quote real person rather than an advertising agency people tend to relate to it better share it more and have a more positive response the trust factor is higher and that became a really great thing for businesses of all size because you, 

Didn't necessarily have to pour as much you know money and planning and skill set into every video you produced there's still a place for professionally produced video but it also meant it was, 

A little more acceptable to not be at that rate so for small businesses in particular this was like a godsend in the marketing world no unfortunately we've sort of seen the exact opposite,
 Thing happen with Pinterest because with Pinterest we see the quality of images going up exponentially and thus we see a need for that quality of images and, 

Again when you think about the visual context why we go to Pinterest what we're looking for this makes sense very quickly if you're going to pinterest because you're looking for a little, 

Dinner inspiration what are you gonna make for dinner and you run across the picture like this you're not really going to be in a hurry to run home and make that because what is it and why, 

Would I want to eat it but when you pair it the same recipe with a good quality image that lets you see oh well you know that's an egg tart or it's a frittata, 

Okay well that actually that looks a little better that it's tastier and this is what we're seeing happen with Pinterest as we're seeing all of these bloggers and all of these websites that are producing, 

Amazing content an amazing video you take a site like smitten kitchen she's operating out of a 42 square foot kitchen in New York City she doesn't have staff there's no production studio there she's not a trained chef but she, 

Puts up the recipes that she makes and she pairs it with gorgeous photos that she takes herself and she's pulling in millions of page views every single week and probably a nice chunk in advertising revenue as well but the same way that we, 

Saw sort of amateurs dramatically changed the nature of video marketing by using more amateurish content again we've seen the exact opposite happen with images because in an environment, 

That you need things to be so visually stimulating to stand out on that Pinterest page the best quality content, is what's going to reign supreme and as you have people who are willing to put the time and effort in and who are creating better content that's upping the bar for everyone else so what it has, 

Meant for a lot of brands big and small is that relying so heavily on stock photography like they used to in the past doesn't work so well anymore not when you're competing with really unique, 

Original relevant images that people are taking of what they're producing you know they're putting up not just a blog post but a blog post that has 20 amazing, 

Images to go with it and so we've seen this sort of across the board level of expectation that no matter what size company you are you need to learn how to, 

Properly operate a camera how to put some good lighting in there and to really great get some great imagery again enterprise or small business it's irrelevant at this point the quality of, 

Your pictures must go up on your website if you want to reap the benefits and the rewards that come from the increased traffic from the service like Pinterest so before we get into the next couple sets of videos for this series I really, 

Want to sort of go back and kind of summarize this idea of why pinterest is worth looking at if you're not already marketing in it or why you might want to put some consideration into some of the, 

Different ways you might be able to leverage it really at its core Pinterest is probably the strongest site online in the social media world playing off the impact of imagery photos way incredibly heavily they are the currency of, 

Pinterest but that allows for really fast concept digestion so unlike on Twitter or unlike on a Facebook where there's a lot of reading as you're, 

Scrolling through to figure out is this something I'm interested in we can react to and process images very quickly so having the opportunity to get your content into that environment gives you, 

A much better chance to really capture someone's eyes and get them to stop and take the time to read the description and potentially click through to the site there's also a really low barrier to entry it rivals Twitter in terms of how quickly you can get in there and set, 

Things up for a base level Pinterest account you know even getting your website verified you're looking at five to ten minutes to set up now if you're going to go a little heavier duty with things like rich pins which we'll talk, 

About a little later in this series there's going to be a little bit more effort there but it basically has a really simple interface with minimal, 

Management there's not a lot to it that is going to take up a ton of time and effort management wise there's also the ability to look at this as a chance for curation vs creation we're going to talk a little more in depth about that idea, 

Later in the series as well but it basically gives you the opportunity to have a channel that you can play in without necessarily having to create all original content there are some very,

Successful in strategic ways to leverage Pinterest with other people's content rather than your own and then finally the ability to have content segmentation, 

Which is another idea that will dig a little deeper into gives you the chance to really target your consumers in a way that you can't do on any other social media channel because the idea that, 

People can choose which areas of your content they want to follow that allows you to curate much deeper into a topic then you would normally be able to, 

Now there's tons of potential here for big brands we see big companies enterprise-level businesses really leveraging it very creatively one of the examples that i've used almost from the, 

Start with Pinterest is chobani because they have non-stop done an amazing job of marketing and one of the things that you know they've said is it has really allowed them to show different sides of their personality again that idea of the, 

Content segmentation and being able to dig a little deeper it really lets people see more about what the brand of chobani is and all the different ways that people are using their products so, 

Whether Chobani's leveraging it to find recipes that they might want to send to their Test Kitchen to see about leveraging on their own blogs research to see how customers are using their, 

Product and from their end while they're gathering a lot of insight and data again there's minimal engagement and management going on they're not usually in their comment saying they don't have, 

To read through a lot of comments and respond to them they're mostly just curating and liking and repenting content now for small brands we see the same things there's been a lot of, 

Companies that have done a really great job of leveraging Pinterest to get exposure and artifact uprising is a, 

Great example of this one of those companies that was a small teeny tiny startup literally working out of someone's basement and they had a single product pin that generated almost 50,000, 

Visitors into their site and in 18 months they went from basement startup to multi-million dollar sales just because they got the right pin in front of the right person and got some really great exposure so they've been using it, 

To do a lot of a be testing of products that they're looking to launch before they actually get them lunch just to see what the responses and what people seem to be interested in and that's really given them as a small company the, 

Ability to gather a lot of really unique and creative data that otherwise might have cost them a lot of money to hire a market research for him to put together so there's lots of different ways the, 

Companies of all sizes are really working to leverage Pinterest so coming up in the next part of our series we're going to talk a little bit about setting up a Pinterest account you, 

Know personal accounts versus business accounts we'll look at the various types of pin boards understanding what they are and how to use them and we're going to talk a little more in depth about this idea of content segmentation.

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