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Search Engines Optimization Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

The process by which search engines deliver relevant and valuable search results requires multiple intricate phases in order for SEO s to be successful they must understand at least the basics of, 

This process in this lesson we will discuss the four major parts of the process first we will learn how search engines crawl the Internet next we will learn how they store web data thirdly we will learn how they process and organize data and lastly we, 

Search Engines Optimization Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners 

Will learn how they provide users with relevant search results list and describe four major search engine processes described how crawlers find and access information online explain how search engines store web, 

Data describe the process of how search engines deliver relevant results in order for search engines and SEO to work together SEO s need to have an understanding of how search engines work now i'll be the first person to tell you that this is an, 

Extremely complex process so what we're gonna do here is we're gonna simplify it into four vague categories and we'll go, 

Into each of these categories to give you a little bit more details but for now the four categories are crawling storing processing and indexing and ranking when you understand these you, 

Have a more complete model of how search engines work so you're able to do your job in a much more proficient manner at the root of every search engine is software in this phase words can talk about one kind of software it's, 

Something we call crawlers or bots or robots or spiders now this is software that does one thing but does one thing very very well it goes to a specific website and downloads all of its, 

Contents back onto the server's of a search engine and then clicks on every single link on that web document goes to the corresponding page downloads all of that content and there repeats the the process by clicking on all of those, 

Links and go into the corresponding pages in theory by doing this it crawls the entire Internet now sit back and think about that for a second think about how big the internet it is and how, 

Quickly it's expanding you'll have some kind of idea of how complex this is but that's just the basic idea of what a crawler or a spider does it actually has a whole lot of traps that that has to it, 

Has to a avoid the biggest one of these is infinite loops now this is something I see all the time what i'll happen is a crawler goes to something like a calendar application online and it goes to the next year link, 

And then i'll click to the next year link and then i'll click to the next year link and it gets stuck because those links are gonna go on forever it's gonna count up into infinity so the, 

Crawl itself needs to know and it needs to be smart enough not to get stuck in the infinite loops that are all over the internet so what does this have to do with SEO exactly well SEO s do have some influence on this it's important for us, 

To understand and make sure that the crawlers do not go to protected files something that should be password protected for example or maybe sensitive information, 

Social Security numbers so luckily for us most of the time with search engines come to our websites they'll identify themselves they'll use a user agent like Googlebot or Bing bot so we can know that hey this is not a normal user this is a search engine now this is, 

Unfortunately been abused in the past and so search engines will crawl our site both identifying themselves and sometimes just to double-check they will not identify themselves they, 

Do this so that SEO and other marketers don't take advantage of this but it's something that we need to be aware of that when we see a crawler most the time it really is a crawler but some of the, 

Time it may be a crawler even if we don't know that that it is the next phase and this is what we call store so after the crawlers have done their work the data that they download needs to be stored somewhere so this happens on the, 

Search engines servers this is actually stored all around the globe but the general idea here is that it's stored on servers and they've made a copy of your website so we have accessed his copy, 

It's something called the cache you can click on search results and view this yourself but this is an important thing for SEO is to understand that search engines are not necessarily in fact most, 

The time they are not working on your live site they're only working on a copy of it that they have on their own servers and this is going to have small differences like professionalization they're, 

Going to crawl from set locations so they're not going to have a personalized to every single location than a user a real human being might visit your website from so search engines do not work off of your live site they only, 

Work off copies of it luckily for us we have access to that by you by looking in the cache which is provided to us the third phase in this is by far the most complex it's to the processing in the indexing phase now this happens in many, 

Different phases itself this is something that happens in many different data centers around the world and quite frankly this is where all the magic happens this is where the billion-dollar algorithms go in to try to extract signals that can be used to figure out, 

The best information on the Internet the important thing to understand now is that this is a process that is mostly hidden to markers and to the general public it's hidden in the vaults and on the computers of computer scientists all over the globe the last phase is the one that you're probably already familiar, 

With its rankings so at this point a user has typed something into a search engine they're getting the results back and the search engine needs to rank all the results all the possible results they could have on the Internet to something that is most relevant for the given phrase that was typed in now, 

This is a very very complex thing that happens ridiculously fast so what happens is the query the query gets sent to the search engine servers it's already stored that the information is already indexed then the ranking, 

Algorithms have taken effect and these use lots and lots of signals this this number is ever-increasing but things like time things like current events things like personalization things like your past to history of searching all of these things are taking into account in quite literally milliseconds,


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