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Simple Learn Social Media Marketing / How To Grow Your Profit Using Social Media Marketing

After reading this post you should be better prepared to list the four traits an idea must carry in order to be easily understood and shareable to identify the force psychological aspects that help, 

Motivate people to share content and ideas with others and to outline a new content idea and test it against the traits necessary to maximize social sharing impact let's begin lesson 2 building content that is inherently, 

 Grow Your Profit Using Social Media

Shareable now when it comes down to driving social sharing there's truth to the fact that sometimes you're going to create a piece of content just on a whim without putting much time or thought or, 

Energy into it and it's just going to take off sometimes it's about luck it's about the right content at the right time launched in the right place and picked up by the right person but it's, 

Not all about luck and it's important to understand that when it comes to social sharing there are certainly some things that you can do to stack the deck in your favor so i want to walk you through a couple simple concepts these are four, 

Traits that help intrinsically make your content more shareable a lot of these are inspired by some of the writings that you'll find in the book made to stick by chip and dan heath which is an,

Outstanding read in understanding again sort of the psychology and that the intrinsic qualities of content or concepts or ideas that really helps make, 

Things inherently shareable so i want to walk you through these four traits and give you a couple sort of examples of seeing it in action so that you really understand what it is kind of play off, 

Them with the way you produce and present your content the first is the idea of keeping it simple complex ideas are difficult for people to remember and that makes them hard to pass on if someone can't understand and explain, 

Your concept to someone else after the first time they hear it or the first time they're exposed to it that means it's not going to be simple enough to have that true and intrinsic shareable, 

Quality so you want to make sure that you're going for that goal of a simple idea that you're taking the time to test it on couple people call up a friend call up your mom and explain it to her once and, 

Then ask her to explain it back to you and if she's missing pieces or she can't quite put it together that's sort of your your clue or your trigger that you need to break it down a little bit more, 

To make it easier for everybody to understand now a great example on the simplicity front is dollar shave club it's a super simple idea it's basically a web-based subscription and delivery, 

Service grown on the very simple idea of quality razors super cheap delivered to your door way less than you pay now and you see this carry through in the advertising style that they put together, 

And in the content they put together you can see buying razors sucks let us send them to you great razors delivered for a buck a month and then when they decided to target emile's it's well the super simple out of his and hers and they're, 

Exactly the same because what's the difference it really doesn't matter if one's pink and ones blue so they play to that very very simple idea even the name of the company dollar shave club makes, 

It crystal clear what they do and that's part of what has made the companies such a viral hit is it so easy for people to quickly explain it to someone else and say hey there's this new product i'm buying it i love it here's why it's great so keep in mind simplicity means you can break it down to its very base, 

Level super fast and the message still stays the same now the second thing that we want to look at is does it spark emotion because emotions are one of the single most powerful driving forces in social sharing so if you can strike a chord now specifically if you can strike, 

A positive or a humorous or you know something kind of happy mode that's a surefire way to help increase social sharing and we've seen from study after study and i could have put tons of screenshots up here of all sorts of, 

Different studies saying that the higher and emotional score especially if it's a positive emotional score the more likely it is to be shared by other people so especially if you're going to be playing on the storytelling side and we've got a whole series on storytelling here with, 

And simply learn as well if you're going to play on that side there's high emotion stories and those high end mode concepts really do a great job of helping to push the sale now a great example of this on the emotional front with disney's show us your ears campaign, 

Any of the disney worlds or disneyland's is familiar with the concept of the simple hat that has the mickey ears on it put your name across the back and there's millions of different styles for, 

Them so disney basically asked fans to upload pictures of them in their mickey ears or just of their mickey ears and said they would donate $5 per upload to the make-a-wish foundation which is a program that helps children that have life-threatening illnesses get a chance to live out their wish and for a lot of those kids the wishes going to disney, 

World they prompted 220,000 instagram pictures to put up i could have posted legions and legions of these of people taking selfies of people pulling the ears down off the shelf and you know posing them somewhere and putting the picture up and they didn't usually they didn't always just put up you know the single hashtag, 

That was put together you can see in this last example you know loads and loads if you know disney loved disney merchandise use disney bound all sorts of different ones and so it spreads and, 

It really takes hold because it's one of those things that people have a lot of wonderful positive memories around another thing that we can look at and ask ourselves is is it unusual because moving outside of the standard, 

Expectations of content that's one of those things that makes a huge difference in catching the interest of people if you're the twenty-seventh person or the 5,000th person to write about the same topic or to put together the same story you know offer the same, 

Product people just don't care on the same front but if you can find a way to put a new spin or a new twist on something that tends to catch people's eyes so a great example of this one is toms shoes who did a day without shoes,

Campaign and basically they invited people to go for a day without shoes and to post pictures of themselves barefoot to raise awareness for how many children and how many people in the world do not have access to shoes and they said for, 

Every picture that went up and that you know got tagged with that they would donate a pair of shoes to someone and traditionally tom has always donated one pair of shoes for every pair that's been purchased so it was a way for people, 

That might not have the 40 or $50 to buy a pair of tom's to still get in on you know sort of the good and on the sharing it prompted over 290 thousand pictures, 

To come pouring in from over 30 different countries and again it was one of those things that stands out when people are scrolling through their instagram feed or you know someone's, 

Looking at what's going on in a snapchat story you don't always expect to see those barefoot pictures unless it's someone you know on the beach doing that foot shot pedo themselves standing in the sand so it's the type of thing that stood out a little bit and really got, 

Some extra sort of oomph and some extra sharing from people and then the final one that we want to ask ourselves is will people risk their reputation on it and this is a huge part of anything that takes place in social sharing because, 

Anytime you're asking someone to share your content or your story they're attaching their own name to it and that means that they're attaching the implied credibility they have earned with their, 

Audience so if they say hey this is something really great and people click through and hate it that damages the credibility and it means the next time around people are going to be a little, 

Bit less likely to listen to them so that credible nature is something we have to keep in mind that the bait-and-switch content of looks like a regular wall but you'll never believe what you know happens when they turn the, 

Light switch those types of sort of clickbait that lead into just useless content that isn't even remotely exciting people have lost their tolerance for it and they're not likely to take the risk of clicking through let, 

Alone turning around and sharing it with someone else so it's really important to ask yourself when you're trying to get someone to share something if it's going to be the type of thing that bolsters their perception among their peers or the damage is that because credibility, 

Is really really a critical part now great credible example is pretty much any version of unboxing videos and consumer reviews that we see popping up so most of the box services birchbox we mentioned dollar shave club barkbox all of these different ones they encourage you to take a picture of your unboxing, 

And you know to post it somewhere and there's always a send a friend discount code that if they try it they get a discount and you were in the money back pretty much any type of these campaigns that focus on customers sharing their experience or you know sort of a usage video or consumer, 

Reviews all of those helps cement the credibility of a product and all of them give people a way to share something that they've discovered and that they enjoy and that they are convinced other people will also like so encouraging that type of sharing tends to be really, 

Really effective now if you only learn one thing through this series it's that i want you to keep in mind that you will not be able to control content sharing it's absolutely impossible you can't do it but what you can do is enable it you can make it more likely and you can influence it you know how people do it, 

And what they're likely to share one of the big areas of focus that we'll have during this particular training module is the psychology of social sharing again understanding those traits that are intrinsic to the content but also understanding how people tend to react, 

To concepts and ideas and what makes them feel a connection to something just enough that they want to turn around and share it with other people and again it's important to have these ideas in the back of your head because well we, 

All tend to focus really well on the content that we're an expert on that our company does or the you know related lifestyle wives or topically wise to what our company might do sometimes it's easy for us to lose focus on things from, 

The consumer side of things so i want to walk you through some of the different things that help motivate people to share one of the first ones that we especially tend to see happening with,

Sort of hobbyists and influencers is the concept of knowledge and this is basically that people love to be identified by other people is that one person that you can turn to for advice or input or concepts this is what drives, 

Hobby blogging thought leadership and people that reviews movies or products or services being able to enable that by giving them that experience or that understanding or that exposure is one of the ways that you can help motivate, 

People to share the content that you've put in front of them now another thing tends to drive people to share on the psychological front is the idea of ego people love to be the first one to have, 

The newest or coolest thing around or to have some type of special access or privilege so one of the ways to appeal to ego driven shares and we tend to see this happen a lot within the influencer realm people that really, 

Again like to be that that sort of recognized an admired voice within their topic or within their industry is to offer them some type of early access to give them previews or maybe some type of behind-the-scenes insight and this can run the scale in a couple different places it can be something that's, 

Offered to everyday consumers you know maybe you're you're doing something that's time-sensitive on you know snapchat or maybe i'm twitter that you want those instant chairs to take place or maybe it's the type of thing that's a, 

Little more focused and a little more planned out that you give a limited number of people that early access or the preview so that they can be the ones to break the story now there's also the idea of passion we've talked a lot about emotion and that positive emotions, 

Really play a heavy role in how people react to our content but also in their willingness to pass it along to other people when it comes to social sharing when it comes to being motivated by passion or by emotion this tends to be, 

People who just love a topic so much that they'll happily share any relevant content so again we see this in highly emotional verticals so if you do consumer packaged goods and you're appealing to moms or you're appealing to brides or you're appealing to any subset, 

That tends to already have emotion tied to it intrinsically this is one of those ways that there's a lot of potential to reach out and really tap people to play to the thing that they really care about, 

And are passionate about now there's also the more tangible concept reward and people being motivated to share based on what they might get in return this might be a tangible or an intangible benefit and a lot of the, 

Intangible benefits it's important to know kind of tie back to that ego or to the knowledge side of things so a lot of times to make it a little more clear-cut and simple we're focused on that tangible side you know you're sharing a, 

Concept or you know maybe you're sharing your mickey ears as part a contest or part of a campaign you know there's something that can be associated directly with the action that gives some measure of positive feedback now when you're putting your content together, 

Keep in mind the need to integrate these concepts together it might be that you're putting a combination of them together maybe you're appealing to knowledge and ego maybe it's about passion and ego maybe it's about ego and, 

Reward you can have more than one of them work together in tandem so when building out ideas make sure that you're keeping these traits in mind and that you're fine-tuning your ideas based on some of this newfound knowledge to make sure you've got better impact.

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