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Social Media Marketing Know How To Sell Products Online

So when it comes to some of that third-party content that you might want to share make sure that you realize it's more about just white papers and guides that it's also insightful thought, 

Social Media Market

Leaders its breaking news and trend reports maybe with a little bit of your own commentary on how you think you know this might factor in broader solutions, 

And tests now when you look at the feedback channel between marketing and cents first we're going to start by looking at how marketing can support, 

Sales and basically a lot of this boils down to the idea that the easier you make it to leverage the content that, 

Your team is producing internally the more time they can spend making those connections in selling your products so, 

Prepare the content that they need and deliver it there's a lot of different ways to do that one of them is the idea, 

Of setting up something internally where you've got a weekly email that's going out to your sales team saying but here's the content snippets and lengths that, 

Are relevant to the industry this week that maybe tie into some different pieces of collateral we've prepared and, 

Here's the format if you want to share it to facebook and you share it to linkedin and you want to share it to twitter have it ready to go for a cut, 

And paste so that your sales team can quickly and easily get into the networks where they're connecting these people, 

And share that content also a fist your sales team and writing and building stronger social profiles especially on, 

Something like linkedin or something like aura where it might really be about making some of those connections in, 

Building a credibility make sure that you are supplying guidelines on writing great posts and updates so that if they're going past, 

What you might be providing with a snippet that they've still really got something excellent that they can work with if they're understanding you know, 

Down on facebook you want to make sure that you're putting that question in place on linkedin you've got room for longer form content and you know maybe, 

For writing a full article and getting it up there but help educate your sales team and how they can most effectively use each of these different channels and, 

Then share data with them on which posts are producing stronger leads and shares because they may have a favorite piece of content that they so like really, 

Really hits mark but maybe it doesn't convert maybe it doesn't lead people to that next stage in the in the buying, 

Cycle or in the sewing cycle so it's important to get some of that data out there to let them know which pieces of collateral tend to have the highest, 

Success rate so that they can make sure they're working the strongest piece of content you have now on the flip side of that when we when we look at how sales can support marketing a lot of this, 

Comes back to feedback because marketing has the ability to leverage analytics and that's really important because the marketing team can know again where the conversion rates are with the drop off, 

Points but the sales team has a little bit more intimate knowledge where the tipping points are and with the pushback tends to come from because they engage in those conversations that don't always, 

Get translated into sort of that click here click there internet activity so your sales team can also be emailing marketing weekly saying look here's the, 

News here's the trends here's the concerns that are being shared you know here's the top three push backs that i got from people or here's you know the, 

Top two new feature requests that we have that i know we're working on but you know maybe we don't have any content that addresses it make marketing aware, 

Of potential influencers or evangelist this one is really important especially if you rely heavily on influencer marketing a lot of times the sales team, 

Is going to have contact with people that are maybe at a huge company that just absolutely love your products and services and really enthusiastic about it and marketing they have no idea that, 

Those people are that excited so when you're doing your follow-up you're understanding hey this is someone that really could be a great testimonial or maybe a great case study there's the, 

Opportunity for the sales team to make that connection the marketing team also pasul and contact with happy customers again for, 

Case studies and testimonials you know maybe just on the snippet or the soundbite side of things and then share personal experience on which batches of leads tend to be the warmest or convert, 

The best maybe you got leads in from a specific white paper or maybe leads came in from a webinar that you know there's a company put on and you find that they're, 

Really they're targeted and they're really performing well again let the sales team know this piece of collateral or this part of inbound marketing really created a great list of regional and, 

Really having a lot of success with it now sales also needs to be out there participating in conversation now that might be on linkedin it might be kora may be an industry forum but basically, 

Getting sales out and active where prospects are asking questions it's critical and it doesn't mean that your sales team should be spending all the, 

Time in social media prospecting there's clearly got to be an internal balance based on what what's best for each individual company but again equipping them to be out on these sites where they, 

Can answer questions where they can build some credibility and help build the brand is really critical so marketing really needs to enable that type of conversation whether it means, 

You're sharing traffic referral data conversation monitoring or you simply have a point person that knows what all of your content is is available and is doing you know maybe some social listening online to identify places, 

Where there's an opening to get involved in the conversation those communication channels have to happen and the most successful sales teams right now in a social world are the ones that have already figured this out and are, 

Integrating seamlessly with the marketing team if marketing and sales are kind of you know wrapping their arms around the individual prospects going know this prospect is mine i brought them in and i'm going to see them to completion, 

Things aren't going to work as smoothly as if they need to and so there really needs to be at a lot of companies a change in focus to say how do we make sure that we're making, 

This information easily accessible and sometimes especially with enterprise companies that means almost putting together an internal like content repository that you know where content is tagged or archived or structured by, 

Different stages the buying cycle or by different keywords so that the sales team can quickly go in and look and say okay what what piece of collateral do we have through the video on this topic is, 

It ready to go if you don't have the ability to have something in sort of that high-tech in place you at least, 

Need to have the doors open conversation so that your sales team can come to someone on your marketing team that, 

Really understands yes here's all the content and put together there we have that and they look for it if i can find it and get you the latest any possible, 

Now i've mentioned the sales funnel concept several kinds of being aware of what that looks like now pretty much every enterprise sales team i've ever, 

Worked with has this in place but it's not always communicated properly to the content marketing team so that they can look and say okay here's what we're, 

Trying to do we're trying to accomplish and sort of the customer journey because they move through the process to, 

Eventually become a customer you know if they're in that that guide stage where they're assessing risk and we're trying to build confidence okay there's a different type of content that you need, 

To have built for that specific section so making sure you have that internal cycle and making sure that sales is working with marketing so everyone, 

Understands what kind of content needs to be offered at that stage is really critical and then also keep in mind as i mentioned earlier sales and pr are, 

Sorting of best champions your marketing team has at identifying some of those brand advocates that really come into, 

Play once someone has closed and had the opportunity to really experience you know the service or the product that you come in offers so leveraging those relationships on the brand advocate side, 

And looking at building evangelists or improves their outreach or even just seed points or feedback points this is, 

Really a critical part of your ongoing marketing efforts so wrapping this up is really about a symbiotic relationship sales and marketing have always worked together on, 

Some fronts but social selling really requires a different approach and a different level of partnership and communication so if this is an area that your company not really working strongly, 

On right now you need to take the time to have some people who sales and people who market and sit down and really talk, 

About how you can help each other and what it looks like to kind of go through that testing and measuring kind of, 

Working out all the details process your key takeaways from this video are creating a regular contact cycle between your sales and marketing team to allow your sales team access to the freshest, 

In this accurate collateral each stage of the sales cycle also in posting the social channels it's important to balance sales content with purely educational profitable content making, 

Sure some third-party content thrown in there as well number three outlining your sales cycle is a critical really a crucial part of identifying potential gaps and collateral that need to be,

Created by your content marketing team also your sales team is often the best-equipped staff your marketing team really understand things like tipping points and points of concern that might, 

Keep people from making the move into the next stage of the cycle so gather that information and really be set knowledge wisely and then finally your, 

Sales team is going to be a pr team greatest at best when it comes to identifying potential evangelists and influencers make sure that they're, 

Communicating regularly with your marketing unique pr team this concludes lesson two how sales and marketing function as a team in social selling with that we come to the end of section, nine social media selling thank you so much for joining in this section.

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