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What is Content Marketing Learn Basic Skills Of Content Marketing Program

Today we're going to talk about a content marketing foundation course is liberally content marketing I okay what is it so content marketing is not a new concept it's been around for over a hundred years in fact, 

Content Marketing For Beginners

One of the classic foundation stories of you know the birth of content marketing goes all the way back to the Michelin brothers in France and the Michelin brothers you know in case you haven't, 

Done your history that's okay you know we'll refresher right now were two brothers who made pneumatic tires and they were trying to sell them along with an innovative product at its time called, 

The automobile in an era where the roads were horrible in a place France where frankly people didn't like to get outside of Paris and into the provinces because my god what was worth going up, 

There for you know or Paris that's all happening here and what the Michelin brothers realized is if they wanted to sell more tires they had to get people, 

To drive farther and farther and use them so what they come up with the concept that really is the birth of content marketing in my book was the, 

Michelin Guide and the Michelin Guide was unique in that it reviewed, restaurants not just restaurants nearby in Paris but restaurants out there in the provinces and the Michelin brothers, 

Are the ones who came up with the one two and three star rating system to say this restaurant I know it's way out there it's you know bad roads but guess,

What to die for the ratatouille oh you you got to have it this is a three-star restaurant you you it's worth making the, trip and oh by the way since we're going to give you a guide and you have to get out of Paris in order to get there we're going to tell you where you can find, 

Gasoline along the way which hotels you might want to stay out overnight and the way just in case you have to how to repair a flat tire particularly if it's, 

A Michelin tire because it's a pneumatic and you know what it's quite easy to repair and guess what that put Michelin on the map why they weren't trying to sell you more tires they weren't telling, 

You about the features and benefits of round or a tire repair I mean that was in there but it was only a how-to article not necessarily a feature and, 

Benefit what they were doing was they were speaking to their audience about what their audience was truly passionate, 

About which in Paris in 1900 was food and by creating content but got the audience to get into their new, innovative automobile and drive all the way out there into the provinces for that absolutely remarkable three-star restaurant people got more flats people, 

Had to replace their tires but it was worth it and oh by the way michelin sold more tires so that that's a great story every time you sort of you know hit a, 

Pause and like well we're doing content marketing we need to come up with a concept bank back to the Michelin Guide it's it's great foundation so let's go to a modern definition where are we now in the 21st century when it comes to, 

Content marketing well you can read the slide here and read the definition and some people like reading definitions I'm not going to read it to you but I am going to highlight a couple of words in, 

The definition that I think are absolutely critical to any definition of content marketing the content that you, create needs to be relevant and it also has to be valuable now if it's not relevant then you're not actually meeting my needs or interests you know, 

And why would I be interested in them and we've gotten way too tired of screening out the commercial that comes on you know trying to sell us snow tires and pardon me we live in Florida I don't, 

Use the new tires what the heck is this commercial doing you know interrupting what I'm watching so relevance is important relevance, 

Means that this content isn't going to get screened out and the valuable the valuable can can work in a lot of different ways it can be interesting it can be useful you know value is an, 

Interesting proposition all by itself but that's the key to content marketing it's not just creating more spam it's not just throwing more trash over the fence and hoping something happens this is something where if you've created, 

Valuable and relevant content you know what your customers will find you that's a whole different kind of proposition.

I know there's some skeptics are saying oh come on come on come on content marketing is just a fancy new name for social media marketing right and the answer is well there is some overlap and we're going to deal with that in module 3,

But let me just be clear here social media content is part of what content marketing needs to create but it can also create content for your website and that's not the social media it can also create content that your PR people can share with reporters or ,

Bloggers and that's meant normally considered social media content and by the way all of that content can be optimized so maybe it actually as part of SEO not social media marketing in fact that's the other place that content marketing really overlaps and it's not coincidental it so happens that around February 2011 when Google rolled out the first of,

Its multiple versions of the Panda update all of a sudden even SEO s started to pay attention to content marketing why because Google change the rules and what Google basically said is if your content isn't valuable or relevant you know what it's not going to rank very well in our search algorithm and all of a sudden ,

People who had been used to like putting keywords in the right places realized content matters you mean i've got to actually tell stories that are interesting i've got to create information that's valuable yeah you can make ,

it relevant that's the optimization part but you know if you're trying to optimize a piece of boring irrelevant trash god bless you good luck so yeah content marketing has grown it's like tripled in terms of web search ,

Interest since the Panda update and that we're talking about Panda 1 of course there was Panda 2 Panda 3 panda 4 I mean come on Google is driving us in this direction and so content marketing it's pretty relevant today now one of the other things that people in content marketing struggle with is oh but you understand, 

I do b2b content marketing or I'm a small business or part me I'm an enterprise and so content marketing has to come in flavors right well possibly maybe on occasion so let's just question that assumption for a second ,

You know content marketing has been around now long enough and enough people have done it but some research has been conducted and it's been conducted against b2c marketers and b2b marketers and small business marketers and enterprise level marketers and when they start asking key questions like ok we're going to try to ,

Determine what is the difference between an effective content marketer and an ineffective content marketer let's see the results well first of all the most important thing to be an effective b2c content marketer is you need a documented content strategy ok all right mean people who are we aren't as effective as people who actually have thought about this ,

Written it down got it okay no great insight but you know interesting to note secondly they've got to have somebody in charge who oversees content marketing oh Lord does that mean we have to have a reorg or maybe ,

we just have to designate somebody who reports to somebody else whatever but guess what it really helps if somebody is driving this process third they've got to be using more content marketing tactics then they're less effective ,

Peers and this is not an argument more is better this is just partly that's way the data falls out the people who are actually more effective are doing more different kinds of things a broader range of tactics and who knows maybe it's that broader range that's ,

Part of the success formula same thing is true with social media platforms the effective content marketers are using more than the ineffective ones and last but not least and this may be a sort of a result of the first four by gosh effective content marketers generally have greater percentage of the overall marketing budget in their organization , 

Okay that's the b2c marketing for it but you don't understand I'm going to be to see marketer yeah okay so let's take a look at the b2b content marketing formula guess what you need to have a documented content marketing strategy to be an effective, 

B2b content marketer you need to have someone who oversees content marketing strategy it helps if you are using more tactics and more social media platforms and guess what you spend a higher percentage of your overall marketing ,

budget on content marketing well that's similar to the b2c content marketers but you understand b2b is different yeah there's a couple small differences but guess what overall the top five criteria are similar and ,

When you get the small business here's what you're going to see same five criteria and you're an enterprise I know the world is different for enterprises ,

actually not so much so four different data points let's net it out ah there's a pattern and the pattern is is I don't care what flavor of Content marketer you are you can be b2c b2b you can be small business you can be large enterprise at the end of the day there are five things that you've got to focus ,

On if you want to be effective we've already covered these and are there differences between small businesses and large enterprises between b2b and b2c well sure but they are all at the margin what's the downside if we don't do this you know as anyone going to come in and like whack us any answers um maybe not inside your boardroom but it may happen on the next ,

Sales call that one of your salespeople makes they may encounter someone I like to call the man in the chair and the men in the chair actually refers back to a classic mcgraw Hill ad campaign from I think the 1960s but ,

basically the guy in the chair asks theoretically some questions from quote maybe your sales person okay I don't know anything about you I don't know about your company I don't know about your company's product I don't know about your companies you know reputation or anything about you and so what was it you're going to try to sell me ,

And that's the downside of not having a content marketing program we've actually found in work that we've done with companies that content marketing can shorten the sales cycle why you're providing people with information at key points that they need in order to take the next step so yeah is there downside sure stick with the status quo struggle swimming against the tide you know what it's probably smarter to have a content marketing program so this introductory ,

Module in the content marketing foundation try to ask and answer these questions what is content marketing and oh by the way just how different are b2c b2b small business and enterprise content marketing and I think you've got the answer content marketing means that your content needs to be relevant and it needs to be valuable and by the way that content ,

Can come in a whole lot of different forms it's not just words on paper it can be videos it could be infographics it can be webinars it can be speeches that your executives are giving in public you know content can take a lot of different forms but at the end of the day you want to be an effective content marketer and ,

For that we're going to go through five more modules and let me give you a sort of a highlight of what we're going to cover guess what we're going to cover all the things that makes you effective we're going to cover content marketing strategy you ,

Need a documented one so we'll go through that and by the way we're going to have little extra bonus because it's a problem that we've seen people encounter again and again which is all right before we've ever done this in my organization I need to get a budget for like a pilot project how do I do that what do I do when I don't have a budget ,

I'm trying to start up content marketing in my organization so that's going to be covered in module 2 module 3 we're going to talk about someone who oversees content marketing Yeah right the org chart and what we're really going to focus in then this happens more in larger enterprise than other organizations but even smaller businesses ,

Some day aspire to be medium-sized businesses and many in size businesses want to grow up to be large enterprises so you know what it's probably useful for all of us to understand where this is headed and we'll talk about the lack of integration across the marketing mix both within the organization but also when it comes to communicating to customers and ,

Why guess what maybe it's time to organize a little differently third we'll talk about all those content marketing tactics and instead of just listing them all because you know what lists are are interesting but they're not persuasive what we're going to look at are the ,

Content marketing tactics that content marketers consider most effective so that one is down the list and you're going to want to take some time and we're not just the broad range of things you could be doing but the ones that seem to move the needle and then then we'll tackle ,

The sort of subsidiary question of how do I produce a variety of content you know that seems to be a problem for some folks will trust me once you get your handle your arms around the hole what is effective the variety of content pretty much takes care of itself in the fifth ,

Module we're going to take a look at social media platforms and again content marketers are experimenting with a wide variety of them the list seems to change daily as new ones are introduced or suddenly the the list is revised because some social media platform just got ,

Acquired but now the company that acquired it is you know pretty big and pretty interesting so maybe we need to pay attention to that too well guess what once again we're going to do a little triage here we're only going to look at the ones that seem to be most effective today and you too may ,

Want to experiment with other ones beyond that what it helps to have is a core part of your content marketing programs the ones that are the most effective and then guess what the challenge is not having one the challenge is actually producing engaging content or those social ,

Media platforms so we'll look at that in module 5 and in module 6 we're going to talk about budgets why because it all comes down to the budget you got to have one and by the way you need to be spending a larger percentage of your marketing budget on content marketing in order to be effective in order to do that we're gonna have to skin ,

This cat we're gonna have to look at measurement we're gonna have to get you over the hurdle of how come it is so hard to measure the effectiveness of my content how do I know that when when can I turn around and show that to the top management so, 

I can say wow that moved the needle fine you need a bigger budget next year you got it so that's what's coming stay tuned strap in this is gonna be a bumpy ride at times but guess what it is a journey worth taking.

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