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What Is Display Advertising Certification Training Lear Step By Step

A digital display advertising primer module one the digital customer understanding the digital customer is the first place to start when we start, 

Talking about display advertising you see the purpose of online display advertising is simply to get your message in front of the online consumer, 

What Is Display Advertising Certification Training Lear Step By Step 

Persuade them to click on your ad and to take the required action by starting with that understanding that everything is about persuading that consumer to click on your ad sets the tone for, 

Everything we're going to learn throughout not only this module but through the entire course on display advertising and it should also influence, 

The decisions you make because the primary goal is getting the user to click on your ad because this is online digital display, 

Advertising we start with the premise that we all understand that people are using the internet the internet is the number one source that people go to to learn research communicate and we can, 

Use that because by understanding how people use the internet when they're online can help us to better understand where and when we can purchase display, 

Advertising and what types of display are going to work best for the specific purpose not only are people online but they rely, on the online medium in order to better understand what they're going to buy what have people already experienced, 

What retailers they should trust which ones they shouldn't trust which products are worth while people are going online, to hear other people's opinions about what products are worth buying people are also going to search engines, 

Even when they do a search for a branded product people are going to the search engine first and doing a search on that, branded product rather than going to a retailer website or even a brand website i believe it's because people want to know the breadth of information that is, 

Available about that branded product not just through the brand website but through other experiences who else may be carrying it for a lower price what, 

Are forums or bloggers saying about it getting the full breadth of information about the product before they commit that seems to be the behavior that online consumers exhibit prior to making a purchase they like to research it and, 

Know what it is that they're going to buy when people are getting ready to make that purchase regardless of how much research they've done the number one, 

Influence that influences the the purchasing decision is that brand familiarity and i believe that is part of when people go online and they do a, 

Search for the entire brand to find out what is the breadth of information they're researching what blogs and forms, 

And other people have to say about that brand and so that familiarity is very strong emails are the second primary influence to the purchase search results, 

Number three and everything kind of groups together with tv radio print and we see internet advertising down towards the bottom but brand familiarity email and search results are the top ways, 

Online that people were being influenced to make that purchase now when we start looking at responding to online ads typically people don't want to click on online ads in fact most, 

Users say they don't interact with online banner ads however we see that when people see branded information or a branded ad on the page with an article about that brand they are more likely to, 

Click on that ad when they see an online ad within an email that is surrounded with that brands communications they're also more likely to click on the add people will scon sponsored search engine, 

Links if they believe it's relevant to what they're looking for but people say they're not likely to click on banner ads or pop-up ads and then there is a, 

Reason for that the reason is in the past banner ads and pop-up ads have not really been truly relevant they've been off topic they have nothing to do with, 

The information that is on the page and so banner ads and digital display advertising has had a bad reputation to overcome of irrelevance however what plays into our favor with, 

This with new technology with big data and with online marketing is the third principle that we're going to look at that even though people use the internet they research their purchases they don't, 

Always make a decision when they research they may come to your site look around they may be an ad products to the cart but they have no intention of completing the purchase or something is, 

Preventing them from doing that in fact most people will not purchase or make a decision on the first visit usually only about two percent of consumers will purchase on the first visit on a website, 

So what happens to the other ninety eight percent of people that don't make that decision that choose not to add something to their cart complete the purchase and move on you see that's when, 

We need to realize that there are other things going on within the site people are viewing information they're looking at other products and we need to understand the behaviors that people are exhibiting so that we can give them a, 

Better message to bring them back to the website and get them to do what we need them to do you see part of this is the obstacle that is in front of people is that sometimes when they're trying to search, 

For information they're getting the wrong information comscore microsoft did some research this year that found that people have to consistently change their, 

Search words in order to get to the right information usually about one in four searches are successful the first time most times you have to change your, 

Keywords or your search words in order to find the information that you want but also not only are people having to refine their search terms and change their terms what we're seeing is that, 

People are taking a longer time to make a decision and forty-four percent of search sessions are lasting a day or even longer because people are searching and researching for longer periods of, 

Time before they're ready to make that decision so what can we do with digital display that will help people make that decision sooner or to reinforce the brand der in front of the consumer, 

During their online sessions in order to bring them back well that has to do with relevancy seeing the right message at the right, time and relevancy is really the key factor that we're going to be talking about throughout this digital display, 

Module because relevancy is king for example if we look at the same exact ad for a technical device and that is the sprint wireless card so that regardless, 

Of where you're at you plug this into your computer and you can go online wherever you're at this ad on one website displayed both in the technology section of the news and then also in the, 

Lifestyle section of the news just based on placement there was a significant difference and click-through rate was, 

Clicked through twice as many times in the technology section as the lifestyle section that's because the ad was were, 

More relevant to someone reading the technology section who love technology kept up on technology news and so this ad was more relevant to them than,

Someone who is looking for news and information in the lifestyle section so beginning to understand how consumers think how they determine relevancy sets the tone for how we can take advantage, 

Of digital display advertising to present the right message to the right person at the right time to get them to take the action that we need another step forward in relevancy was taken by, 

The search engines google especially when they started developing their pay-per-click advertising because the advertising you would see in the sponsor is that sponsored ads was directly, 

Related to the words that you typed into the search box and so relevancy was heightened to a completely different level that i would only see ads based on the words that i typed into the search, box so the bottom line here is that relevancy increases conversions the more relevant your ad is the more you are, 

Going to get consumers and users to click on your ad so our next few modules are going to be focused on the concept, 

Of relevancy relevancy based on creative relevancy based on placement relevancy based on the content surrounding your ad because all of those are important factors to know when trying to reach, 

Your consumer this has been the primer on digital display advertising and understanding the digital customer.

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