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What Is PPC Payper Click For Google Adword Learn PPC Advertising Marketing

Paid search is an option meaning advertisers place bids against the other advertisers to show ads to consumers that said the PBC auction system is quirky and that the highest bidder does not always win in this lesson i'll, 

Payper Click Advertising Marketing 

Reveal how the paid search auction system works how bids are placed for ads and how ads are ranked discover how the paid search auctions can drive your, 

Bidding and advertising strategy in the world of paste in this video you will learn to summarize the PPC auction system label ad positions for a given, 

Search engine results page understand the importance of Quality Score in determining a drink recognize how tracking metrics and collecting data, 

Related to your ads will allow you to determine profitability before we look at that though we should look at how positions are determined these are items, 

You're going to see in your account of the position of your ad so sometimes you'll see ads at the top of the page and then continue down the side other, 

Times you'll just see ads on the side of the page now ethers ad on the top and the side of the page then position one starts at the top and you'll see 1 2 & 3, 

Then continue on the side of the page if there's no ads on top of the page they just start on this side they do this is our still 1 2 3 and so forth google has made some recent changes on the search, 

Results with the side ads have been removed however some search partners do display site ads so the way a drink is calculated is not affected by the, 

Changes in layouts as search engines are often playing with various layout formats the actual way ads are displayed that you see in search results may, 

Differ from what we display in these videos but the overall information of how a drink is calculated and what it, 

Does for ad positions remains completely irrelevant regardless of the layout of ads on a search page,

 Now when we look at these positions and look at the average cost-per-click Oh people are paying for a lot of people, 

Just assumed you'd see a linear format the number one position is the highest CPC the second highest position is the second highest CPC and so forth it's not, 

The reality of a lot of auctions what you see in a reality is that position one mate might pay 50 cents listen to is paying 75 then 25 then $1 so CPC is aren't linear due to how all the factors, 

Go into place that affect how the auction is run and the bidding process works so the most important one to, 

Really think about is known as quality score the quality score at a conceptual level is really just an opinion an automated opinion of that of a search, 

Engine that guesstimate how good of an experience a search is going to have with your ads and your landing pages so as a search engine things going to have a great experience you're going to have, 

A higher quality score it's going to be a low experience it's a bad quality score and so by classical gets put in depth at a high level the most important factors are things such as click-through, 

Rate how often your ad is clicked on essentially users voting by clicking on your ad how relevant your ad is to your landing page and your keywords this is, 

Why that jour data group structure is important because good structure make sure your ads and your keywords are highly related to each other increases, 

Quality score and then landing pages all your landing pages relate to this information and so while quality score is an automated opinion really by having a good quality score following these, 

Nuances of little organization good landing pages these really does follow best practices for how you structure accounts to get better conversions from them.

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