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What Is SEO Foundation / Full Review Of SEO Foundation Course

Search engine optimization is very complex to simplify this dizzying array of concepts we will be identifying the three major parties involved with search engine optimization and, 

Describing how these three players interact with each other based on their incentives we will see why users are only interested in the, 

SEO Foundation

Most relevant search results and how search engines strive to provide these results then we will consider how search engine optimizers those who practice seo, 

Work to influence search rankings name the three major parties involved in search engine optimization identify the incentives of each party involved in seo, 

Explain how the incentives of various parties shape the entire search ecosystem list the pros and cons of seo compared to other digital marketing, 

Disciplines hello everybody today we're gonna start our exploration of seo foundations with a very nerdy idea the best way to understand a complex field, 

Of knowledge like seo is to first understand the incentives of the major players so for seo this turns out to be very easy the major players of seo our users the humans around the world who, 

Are using search engines every day search engines themselves and us the seo s so let's start with the most important, 

Of these it's the users these are made up of the hundreds of millions of people just like yourselves who use search engines like google every day these are, 

People in the united states they're people abroad the people using english the people all over the place searching with texts with images with videos all kinds of stuff all of these are considered the users and they're, 

What drive seo from the perspective of search engine themselves and from seo s the people who practice the profession alright let's dive into the meat of this the search engines themselves search,

Engines are technologies owned by technology companies the most common one of this of course is google google's a company based out of mountain view california, 

It's dominating the arena of search right now and has been for a while but it's not the only player in the game in fact there's a lot of other important, 

Players the other ones that are big in the united states are yahoo which you've probably heard of because it's been around for a long time and bing which is owned by microsoft outside of the united,

States there's some other search engines that are also very important so first and foremost we have badoo which is enormous in market share in china you, 

Also have y and x which is gigantic in russia and you have naver which is important in south korea in addition to that you have very specific search, 

Engines that do one thing very very well so a great example this would be wolfram alpha which works on computational knowledge and complex mathematics now the 3rd major player in this is my, 

Favorite now i'm very biased because i am an seo and this is how i pay my bills but i think this is the one that's most exciting and the one that we're gonna be, talking about throughout this whole course so seo let's dive into that a little bit it's an acronym and it's, 

Actually a very confused acronym because it means two different things seo stands for search engine optimization which is the field and search engine optimizer which is the profession so if you remember that part, 

You're good to go because that's the trickiest part of this opening of this opening section in that you have to have one acronym that means two things so what does an seo do well an seo does a, 

Lot of things and actually as we'll talk about it's an increasing amount of roles but the important thing to get out of this is that an seo ferc focuses on, 

Influencing organic rankings in search engines so they are not working on the paid side they're working on everything else that search engines like google provide now that we know the major, 

Players in seo let's look at what incentivizes them by understanding their incentives or understand what drives the market so the first one that we have is users now this is everybody your self, 

Include in this this is the world's population who's using the internet to try to find information the incentive for the users of the internet is to find, 

The most relevant information they possibly can on any topic that they can at any time in any language so it's a very very big goal but something that, 

Search engines work towards trying to solve so what incentivizes the search engines exactly well it's two things they're trying to provide the most relevant results to users worldwide but, 

They're doing this in two ways through organic results which they do not get paid for they're things that they're just they're going to provide so that they can do a breadth of information and, 

There's ads which third parties are paying for that he'll also have relevant information so what is incentivizing the search engines it's twofold they're trying to attract a gigantic audience of, 

Users with organic results and with the ads by providing relevant information and it's the money that they're getting paid for with the ads this works really really well for seo seo czar focusing, 

Only on the organic side it's a completely different profession working on the ppc side but what's important for seo is to work on getting their, 

Information or more often their clients information to the top of search engines so that their relevant information is shown to the world's audience of searchers now that we have the major, 

Players identified and their incentives let's look at this weird relationship we have between them so you understand now what's driving them but let's look a little bit more into this so we have the users who are just looking for relevant information and quite frankly they don't, 

Care where they get it from they just want the best information in this most convenient to them and convenient largely means free for search engines you have two things that they're focusing on it's getting a worldwide, 

Audience of searchers by providing the most relevant information and they want to provide ads so they can get paid and be a profitable you also then have this the seo s who want to provide the, 

Relevant information as long as it is their clients information or their own information so you have a bunch of forces that are working together you have these search engines who need the, 

Seo s to help organize information you have the users who are driving the whole system any of these search engines who are kind of forming this core of it but on a day to day level you'll see that, 

This relationship shifts a lot people start particularly the search engines and seo work together one day and then they'll fight a little bit the next day and then it goes on and on and on and, 

Keeps the profession very complex but very interesting and most importantly profitable whenever you're doing a deep dive of an idea i find it's really useful to first take a step back and, 

Figure out where it fits into everything else so when we're looking at this remember the seo is just one channel of many there's many different aspects that, 

Go into online marketing and seo just has its own unique pros and cons of that so let's look at that right now or the pros of seo why is it better than other marketing channels well the first one is, 

It tends to be less expensive than the other channels you don't have to pay a third party over and over again necessarily like you do with ppc you don't have to pay per like sending of an, 

Email you don't have to pay in those kinds of ways so you do pay the salary of the seo or you pay the commission based off of that but you don't have to, 

Pay some third party where that money just goes away the second part of this is it tends to be long lasting so work that you do on seo at one point is going to continue to pay dividends into the future this is very different than, 

Something like ppc or as soon as you stop paying the bills it immediately goes away and all the work you've done stops having an impact seo is not like, 

That it continues to go on potentially years into the future after you've done the initial work now what are the cons of seo well the first one is the biggest, 

One it's constantly changing seo is all over the place sometimes the best practice will be true and sometimes the best practice it will not be true and it, 

Depends on context and depends on the environment of what's happening in the big the bigger ecosystem so that is that is a difficult part of seo is that is, 

Always moving is constantly changing the last one is especially with the head terms go into that a little bit more more in, 

The future it gets very competitive if you're targeting keywords that lots of people are searching on and there's lots of demand for and lots of people, 

Try to target with the same thing you're going to run into a very competitive, environment more so than most of the other online marketing channels, 

Users search engines and seo czar the major parties involved in the seo process incentives of the major players users want the most relevant result, 

Search engines want to make money from advertisements seo is want to show their information to searchers each of the incentives of the major players in seo, 

Interact with each other to create the search market pros of seo seo was relatively inexpensive and is long lasting cons of seo seo is constantly changing and is quite competitive.

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